July 2018

Welcome to my webpage! Thank you so much for stopping by to experience my writing world. As always, I’m busy with screenplay and novel writing.

Up recently is Dangerous to Hold, a romantic suspense novella featured in Susan Stoker’s popular Special Forces series. If you like suspense, thrills and romance, check it out.

If you like paranormal romance, my post apoc series Unrest (Unleashed, Uninvited, Unchained, and Unforgiven are also available.

In other news, I've moved my newsletter over to Mail Chimp, and in an effort to ensure that everyone who receives my newsletter still wants to receive it, I'm doing a spring cleaning (in summer!) on my mailing list. So read the following carefully:

  • If you'd like to be (or remain) subscribed, click this link and enter your email address.
  • If you are already subscribed, but no longer wish to receive the newsletter, do nothing. Your email address will not be on the new list unless you resubscribe.

If you’re staying with (or joining!) me, I’ll have a newsletter out soon full of information on what is current in my writing world and what is coming up. Thank you so much!

Until next time, live, love and dream.

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