October 2018

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This time of the year is my very favorite! I celebrate Halloween with a hardy dose of fun and a liberal sprinkling of horror movies. Although I’ve written a lot of romance novels, I’ve also loved paranormal and horror elements in my writing and reading. This month I’m featuring Little Bag of Fears Vol. 1, a collection of horror short stories designed to prey on some of your biggest fears.

In Little Bag of Fears Vol. 1 Fear comes for everyone and now it’s your turn… Dive deep into nine universal fears as they stalk you through a dark hallway where people disappear, a gated community where plants have minds of their own, inside a ghost’s thoughts as they watch hapless paranormal investigators, a serial killer’s trunk where his victim lies dead…or not, a wildfire where an ancient god lurks, a gas station where survival takes extraordinary measures, a writer’s lair where a special spider lives, a haunted house attraction where being a clown has dire consequences, and a snippet of tiny terrors designed to give you a shiver.

Until next time, live, love, and dream!

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