July 2024

Is it July already??? I’ve had so many projects this year it is off the chain. So far we have my non-fiction book Everyday Magic: How To Live A Mindful, Meaningful, Magical Life. You can find your paperback, hardback or ebook right now available at most major retailers. Rush over to the book page for all the information.

My other non-fiction release, Women On The Fringe: Groundbreaking Women In The Paranormal, is available, too. Check out the book page for all the details and links.

Coming September 1 is Eldritch, my gothic horror novel set near Estes Park. The super creepy cover is already getting rave reviews! Eldritch is about a woman with a traumatic childhood encountering a house in a bizarre forest that demands she use her fortitude to survive more than one enemy she didn’t see coming. There is a hint of romance. Stop by the book page for the details.

In the meantime, live, love and dream!

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Denise A. Agnew, Evidential Medium

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