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Definition of a Romance Novel: How Do You Like Your Romance?

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Busy, busy, busy last week. 🙂 Today I’m taking a breather before busy, busy, busy again. I had a serious question for all the romance readers out there. How do you like your romance? I was at an RWA meeting yesterday and thoughts were racing through my head about the publishing industry today and how it’s evolving and changing. It led me to several questions that I hope you won’t mind venturing an opinion and telling me.

You all know…well, those of you who read my books…you know that I love to write in a variety of genres within romance. It’s the way I roll. Perhaps if I’d religiously stuck to writing one type of romance I’d have more readers but ya know I’d probably dry up and blow away if I did that. I mean, my creativity would be in the bin for certain. So here are my questions. A totally unscientific, just get your thoughts and feelings poll.

1. If there is an author you’ve always enjoyed and they write a novel that isn’t strictly romance but has romance elements, do you still want to read the book because it’s the author’s voice and style you like? Do you give the book a chance?

2. How much romance has to be in a romance novel before YOU consider it a romance?

Okay, that’s my tiny snippet for today.  And thank you so much for stopping by to answer my questions.

New Cover Goodness: Hot Pursuit

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Cover goodness! I can’t believe I haven’t shared this with you yet. This cover is for HOT PURSUIT, the final story in the Hot Zone series. A few years back I was certain the Hot Zone series was finished. Then a character from one of the other books, Lucy, demanded her say. She wanted her story and one way or the other she would get it. So this story was born. I’ll be sharing the blurb and excerpt with you very soon.

In other realms, I’m deep into the second story in my Asylum trilogy. Going gangbusters and I’m loving this novel. And I’m loving writing the stories in the trilogy without stopping. Yep, I’m barreling along.

On the Daryk World series I have another novel to complete in that series, too. Still to come is Daryk Warrior. Yes, I will get there. There’s no one but me workin’ this train. I’m writing these books as they come to me to make sure those creative juices keep on going.

Later this week I’ll post that blurb and excerpt, so be sure to stop by! My website will also soon have a book page for HOT PURSUIT, so be sure to stop back often.

New Release & Excerpt! Daryk Craving

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Hey everyone, I’m happy to introduce you to my new release today at Ellora’s Cave, Daryk Craving! If you haven’t had the chance to read the blurb and excerpt, then here’s your chance. This story is novella size, unlike the other books in the series…just to give you a heads up! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to write this story. The hero and heroine screamed at me until I wrote it, and here we are.


Daryk World III: Daryk Craving

Her fever for him has always burned high…

Daryk One Aknada Tyrus helped destroy Admiral Aramus’s evil slave trading ship, but now she must resurrect her shattered life and discover if her love can repair three years of deceit.

Aknada always looks the warrior, her unique ability to fight men on equal footing a talent few women can boost. All her life she’s fought ridcule because she’s different. Three years ago she lost faith in herself after surviving a horrible attack. Now she cannot abide a man’s touch, even the tenderness of Marc Gampia, the man she’s craved all her life.  She returns to Marc’s compound to restore her inner peace and, if she can, turn her fears away.

His craving for her has never died…

Marc Gampia hides his own mangled heart. When Marc learns Aknada is alive, the fire in him burns hotter and more fiercely than it did before. He will do anything to have her as his wife, including vowing never to touch her if she’ll say yes to marriage.

Desire forces her to reach for him, to discover his body one touch at a time. One touch ignites them and then there is no going back.


When he planted his hands on his hips, chest muscles flexed and bunched under a sprinkling of dark hair that trailed down to rippling stomach muscles. Hair arrowed toward his waistband and disappeared. Her lips parted, but she couldn’t think of a thing to say. Even the bandage that covered his ribs couldn’t detract from his impressive build. He was beautiful. No. He was so amazingly compelling that her entire body reacted. Something she never expected to feel again in her life stirred low in her belly. A hot yearning blossomed to life. With that sensation came a spark of hope. Perhaps… Just perhaps…

No. She was damaged. Ruined for all other men. None would want her. And she wanted none of them.

He walked toward her, and that’s when she saw more than concern in his eyes. Curiosity and perhaps even embarrassment filled his face.

“Your back.” She couldn’t hold back the words as he took a couple of steps toward her. “What happened?”

He stopped a fair distance from her. He shoved a hand through his hair and it tumbled across his shoulders. “I didn’t mean for you to see it.”


“Because I am…” He drew in a slow breath. “How do I explain this?” Pain flickered in his eyes. “Remember when I was fifteen and a madman held me for ransom?”

“Oh Draconus. Yes. I was… I feared for your life.”

He smiled gently, his eyes shimmering with memories. “Father paid the ransom and found me, but not before the madman had me for three days.”

Tears rose in her eyes. “How could I have forgotten? The man beat you, whipped you. That’s why you never take your shirt off.”

“Not in public.” He smiled but it vanished quickly.

“Not even for women?” Heat filled her face at her own impertinent question. “I mean—”

“No. Not for the last three years.”

Disbelief filled her. “You haven’t been with a woman in three years?”


Another question popped into her mind, but she didn’t ask it. It simmered inside her. Three years? As long as she’d been gone from his life?

He took another step forward and nodded toward the book she still clutched. “Your poetry.”

“I didn’t know you had a copy.”

Again he moved forward, each step measured. He held his hand out, and she handed him the book. His big hands smoothed over the cover, and a soft, quivery burn tingled in her stomach She caught her breath.

“I actually had two copies. I gave one to Xandra. Rayder had a copy and while Xandra was on Aramus’ ship she read your work and loved it. But I will not part with this one.” His gaze snapped up to hers, those eyes so warm and compelling. “I want to read more of your work. Did you write while you were with Pian’s caravan?”

She shook her head as those tears burned her eyes again. “No. I wanted to. I yearned to, but…” She shook her head.


“It’s as if I cannot manage to get the words past a barrier. Past pain.”

The understanding in his eyes urged her to say more, but instead she switched topics. “Your side. We need to tend to it.”

The spell hovering around them broke, and she returned the poetry to his table.

“Wait. I’ll clean up in the bathing room and then you can bandage the wound.”

He entered the room connected to the south wall and closed the door. Feeling almost weak, she settled on a chair near the bed. Emotions rioted through her. Fear. Apprehension. A strange excitement. Overwhelming tenderness. This man did so many things to her. She’d fought the feelings for so long it was second nature for her to deny them. Seeing him vulnerable with evidence of physical pain still marking his body—by Draconus, she could barely stand it. That craving, both indefinable and undeniable, made her yearn to touch him. At the same time, she feared his touch.

She sat for a long time before he left the bathing room. He wore clean buff-colored trousers, but he was bare-chested and barefoot. His freshly clean hair hung in wet tendrils around his shoulders. Only a man as masculine as Marc could have thick blond hair that long and still appear all man.

She stood and reached for the medical kit she’d found next to his bed. He sat on the bed, and she scooted the chair up to the bed. With quick efficiency she cleaned the long cut. The healer’s stitching and special salves had worked wonders on a wound that should be far worse. As she started to touch his wound with salve, she hesitated.

“It’s all right,” he said softly. “If you want me to do it—”

“No. I can do it.” And she could.

She’d thought touching him might frighten her. Instead, her concern for him brushed aside any worry. After all, she’d half-carried him off Aramus’ ship after they helped free the slaves. Still, she moved quickly. After she dabbed the salve, she realized she’d have to wrap a fresh bandage around him. She reached for the bandage roll.

Her breath froze. But not with fear. With an unbearable awareness of him as a man. Even though she was a Daryk One, nothing about him was weak or in need of her protection. He was tall, powerful, utterly masculine. He smelled clean and intoxicating. A heady combination of feelings bombarded her. Her hands shook as she wrapped the gauzy bandage around his middle. She tied off the bandage, making sure it was tight.

“Aknada.” His voice, so deep and husky, rasped close to her ear.

She stood and he followed.

They were only inches apart. Being this close to a man should have made her skin crawl. Her body shudder. Instead, for one brief moment, she forgot to experience fear. More than once he’d looked at her like this—and not just since they’d been reunited after three years apart. So long ago he’d gazed at her with heated longing and a suppressed need she knew could explode at any minute.

Or, the little critic in the back of her head said, it was all her imagination. Maybe he’d never acted as if he wanted her. Never insinuated more times than she could count that he’d like to be with her sexually. Maybe everything wonderful about their relationship all those years ago had been an illusion.

Those cool eyes, somewhere between silver and blue, warmed and caressed.

She ached with memories of their life before she was taken prisoner by Aramus. Marc had teased her frequently, but she’d given as much back. She’d always been his equal. He’d always shown her the utmost respect. Even the lively banter between them had energized her rather than diminished. Other than Rayder, she could not think of another person who had shown her such unwavering friendship.

“Do you remember?” he asked softly, his eyes intent. He didn’t move or try to touch her. “When we kissed?”

Valentine’s Week Contest!

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Hey all! I have a new video blog up which describes a new contest I have going on. So check it out.

Excerpt: Daryk Craving

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Hey all, wanted to give you another small sneak peak into Daryk Craving which comes out at Ellora’s Cave on February 16. Hope you enjoy.


Slowly, as if he feared frightening her, he stepped closer. A quiver passed through her and she turned away from him. She gazed at her surroundings. The large bed at the north side of the room was richly appointed in vivid colors of red and green and blue. Soft pillows lay in a scatter over the bed. She had closed the windows against the rain but left the shutters open to allow sun inside. Paintings and tapestries hung along the walls, warming the harsh gray stone. A large armoire on the right side of the room held her clothes, all of them new and all bought by Marc. A desk in another corner held books and pen and paper. Candlesticks and oil lamps covered one table near the bed. The room was stoic but feminine. She couldn’t complain about the accommodations.

“Aknada.” His voice rumbled close behind, and she whirled toward him. “Why did you ask me to your room?”

Could she speak honestly? She didn’t know. After all, if she blurted out everything she thought and wanted, mortification would surely be the result.

“To talk.” True in part. Not so true in others.

Too close. He was too close. She stepped back until her knees hit the bed and she sat down abruptly.

He stared at her, uncertainty clear in his eyes. “May I sit next to you?”

She nodded, hardly daring to look him in the eyes. She hated her timidity. Why couldn’t she look at him?

He settled to her right but kept significant space between them. “Whatever you want to say… Whatever you want to do… I’m yours.”

I’m yours.

His declaration burst through her with tremendous power. She shook with it, but at the same time she did not know if she could handle what he offered.

“I just want to touch you. Every day I want to touch you. You cannot touch me,” she said in a jumble of words.

He smiled, and the masculine lines of his face looked carved in stone. “Believe me—having you touch me every day will please me. Would you like to talk first?”

“What about?”

“Anything. About how I’ve grieved for you for three years.”

His eyes provided the truth—no one could deny the sincerity in his eyes.

“I missed you.” The words came from her on a sigh. “I missed how you tease me. I missed your odd sense of humor and the way you treated me as an equal when few else would.”

The curiosity in his eyes heated up. “How could I treat you as anything but who you are? Wonderful. Beautiful. The woman who haunts me.”

His words sent desire spiraling in her stomach. “Haunts you? That doesn’t sound like you, Marc. You were always so…stoic around me.”

He nodded, a sheepish expression touching his face. “I was. But only because I wanted you so much.” He scrubbed one hand over his face. “I was a damn fool for waiting. I should have asked for your hand before Braxis did.”

Amusement managed to wedge its way past her surprise. “Please don’t. Do you know how flattering it is to hear? Never in a million years would I expect to hear such words from you. It humbles me.”

Before he could respond, she did something she couldn’t have yesterday. She’d touched him when she’d half-carried him off the slave ship, but she hadn’t thought of him as a man bent on harm, only as her friend.

She slid closer to him on the bed and touched his shoulder. “Let me just touch you.”

“Yes,” he said softly, his voice deep and sensual.

She pressed the muscles in his shoulder. Smoothed her fingers over the cloth of his tunic. “Take off your tunic.”

It had taken everything she had to say that.


Authors Unplugged: Eileen Dreyer is up next!

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Good day everyone. I wanted to give you an update on what’s going on in my writing world, including the Authors Unplugged radio show on Blog Talk Radio.

Our intro. show went well, although I mucked up at the beginning and had the introduction music turned up too loud and I was talking over it. Hey, I figure it went really well other than that. March 3 at 4pm MST is our next show, and we’re featuring New York Times Best Seller Eileen Dreyer. Eileen is a great lady, and I can’t wait to interview her. Be there or be square.

Other writing news. If you haven’t checked out my trailer for For A Roman’s Heart, it’s on You Tube as well as on my blog. I’ll have it up on the book page of my website soon, too. I also finished the first book in a trilogy. I think I’ve finally defined what type of story this is. It’s either gothic romance or horror romance. Not certain yet, but I’ll let you know when I get it figured out. The book hasn’t been revised or edited yet. I’m trying an experiment with this trilogy. Just so that the flow doesn’t get interrupted, I’m writing all three stories in the trilogy in first draft before I revise them and before they go to my critique partners. I already know some things I need to do to this first story in the trilogy when I come back to it. It needs more layering in certain ways.

February 16 the third story in the Daryk World series comes out…it’s a novella called Daryk Craving. It’ll be available at Ellora’s Cave. Tomorrow I have a fresh, never-before-seen excerpt of Daryk Craving planned for this blog. So stay tuned.

Authors Unplugged Radio Show Feb. 3

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Hey all. Cold enough yet? Well, we were 9F wind chill this morning. We don’t have snow, though. Clear skies and windy. Enough of that weather already. I wanted to let you know that the Authors Unplugged radio show is on tomorrow.

Author Selena Robins and I will host Authors Unplugged at Blog Talk Radio on Thursday, February 3 at 3pm MST (5pm EST) with an ask the author anything session. Send your questions (they don’t have to be writing related) to We’ll pick four questions to answer. If we answer your question on air, you’ll win a gift certificate from Samhain Publishing. Listeners can also log in to the chat room during the show. See you there!