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Military Romance Author Kaylea Cross

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Today I’m welcoming author Kaylea Cross to the blog. I love a great military romance novel. It’s no secret that there are a lot of military romance novels out there (including my own series of novellas). Kaylea’s novels grabbed my attention with the depth of character she’s created and the no-holds-barred way she ups the stakes. Her attention to accuracy with the military bits is impressive, too. Kayla has won a whole host of writing awards such as the 2010 and 2011 Heart of Excellence Awards, 2009 and 2010 Laurel Wreath Awards, 2011 Daphne du Maurier Awards, 2011 Aspen Gold Awards, 2011 National Readers’ Choice Awards, and the 2010 Epic Awards. So sit back and learn more about her novels. Then run over and buy them! Kaylea will pick a commenter at the end of the day to win a digital copy of a book in the series (reader’s choice.)


Hi, I’m Kaylea Cross, and I write military romantic suspense about hot alpha male Special Ops and Special Forces heroes. I do this because I’m a nerd who loves reading Special Ops nonfiction in between the steamy romance novels I devour. SEALs, Delta Force, Rangers, Air Force CCTs and PJs… Doesn’t matter what branch they serve in, to me they’re incredible men.

Military history in general has always fascinated me, but it’s understanding what makes someone volunteer to enter—let alone complete—the rigorous selection programs to become a member of these elite forces that really hooks me. These men are hard core about what they do, and they’re the best of the best in today’s military.

To me there’s something incredibly attractive about a man that’s willing to stand up and defend what he loves and believes in, whether it’s his principles, his family, the woman he loves, or his country. Put him in a military uniform and I’m a goner.

It’s out of my profound respect of these elite soldiers that I research and write about them. Yes, my books are romances, but I hope my readers will learn something new and exciting about the military in each and every book I write. I want to show the world how incredible these men are.

My series with The Wild Rose Press consists of five books, each featuring a hero with a different military background. In order, they go like this:

Book 1: Out of Her League features Rayne, a former Marine

Book 2: Cover of Darkness features Declan, an active duty SEAL

Book 3: No Turning Back features Ben, a former Army Ranger

Book 4: Relentless features Ben’s twin brother Rhys, an ex Delta Force operator

Book 5: Absolution features Luke (Rayne’s father), an ex-SEAL turned CIA operative

I try to show a little something about what I’ve learned from my research for each hero. It’s my hope that you’ll come away from the series with a profound respect for our soldiers and the sacrifices they make while serving their country.

If you have any questions for me or want some recommendations on good Special Ops books, just let me know! I love chatting about military men, lol.

Happy reading,

Kaylea Cross J

Welcome To The Dark Side

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Happy Monday all. Every wonder what makes a writer create the really spooky stuff? Well, I can’t speak for all writers, but I can tell you about when I figured out why I like to write the spooky stuff.

Some years ago during a discussion group I belong to, where we talk about things that go bump in the night and other matters new age and metaphysical, we talked about the dark side. It wasn’t as though we’d never talked about it before, but this time I had a bit of a revelation. You know those crazy moments where the light comes on and you learn something new about yourself? Several months ago another person asked me (nicely), how I could write some of my darker tales and still remain in the light myself. We had a good discussion, and the question evolved of how I can pen darker emotions, darker beings, things that are scary.

That made me really, really think. After all, if I’m a good person, how can I write about horrible things? How come some of my very best stories (in my opinion) are the ones where I conveyed the most wretched of emotions? I showed readers my nastiest serial killer ever (the dude in TREACHEROUS WISHES Ellora’s Cave from inside that serial killer’s point of view. Yeah, this guy rivaled even Jack The Ripper, who is in my historical romance DARK, DEADLY LOVE (Samhain Publishing After a little bit of thinking, the light bulb came on.

With a flash bang I suddenly understood why I write about that shadowy side. I know that without the dark there is no light. I also know that I love showing how good overcomes evil, and how true love honestly exists.

I explained that if I tried to write stories that were straight traditional romances, romances that sometimes didn’t deal with things as twisted and dastardly, that I couldn’t hook into the story as readily. This isn’t to say that I’ve never written lighter stories. Case in point, my contemporary romance MEANT TO BE. But there had to be something utterly compelling to me about writing that story.

Still, to stop writing about the paranormal, the serial killer, the danger that can be out there…well, that would do in my creativity. It’s in my blood. Writing paranormal and suspense elements is part of who I am, built into the fiber of my being. I love to read it and I must write it. Dang it, I like a good scare in my reading experience and while I’m dipping the reader in hot romance, I want to sometimes scare the hell out of them, too.


I believe that when an author is hooked in to their story and there’s something in the tale they’re trying to convey that matters to them, it shows. When an author is into what is called “deep point of view,” the author is into the head of that character, feeling what that character feels. Those are my very best writing moments.

So what does that say about me when I’m relishing writing from the bad guy’s point of view? Not sure. Perhaps I’m like the actors who cherish that juicy part of playing the evil person. I’m exploring a side we all have, whether we want to acknowledge it or not.
It wasn’t until I had this more recent conversation with my friends that I understood that the dark side has always been with me. Since the time I was a little kid I’ve always liked watching the spooky stuff, and I still do. My mother didn’t restrict what types of programs I could watch when I was a child, nor did she restrict what I could read. In my case, I think that was a good thing, because I already had a huge imagination and loved reading so much. For that I’ll always be thankful to Mom.

There are just as many people who don’t enjoy reading about the dark side as there are people who do. Do you enjoy reading about the dark side? And if you do, what do you like about it?


Trendy Much?

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Hey all! Here’s what I want to know. How trendy do you feel you are and if you are, why? Also, if there are trends in romance writing and you’re a reader, what are the ones you like? Are you tired of any?

If you’re a writer, do you follow the market and trends in the romance writing world? If so, I’m curious to know why. This isn’t a trick question.


You Know You’re Happy When…

Monday, July 18th, 2011

1. You wear mismatched flannel pajama bottoms and tops and don’t care.

2. You realize you don’t need designer shoes to be happy, and your feet don’t like them anyway.

3. You realize your hair going gray is fantastic, as long as you have a lot of it.

4. You realize not having a lot of hair isn’t the end of the world. People will love you anyway.

5. You realize there will always be someone richer than you.

6. You realize there will probably always be someone poorer than you.

7. You don’t have to have a thousand Twitter followers or Facebook friends to be happy.

8. You can write the books you want and that’s awesome.

9. You realize it’s about what you’re driven to do in your heart and soul, not what other people say you should be driven to do.

July Video Blog

Thursday, July 14th, 2011



Oy. Spoke To Soon and Another Contest Op

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Sorry guys. I spoke too soon. I posted my last blog saying the Barnes and Noble copy of BEFORE THE DAWN was corrected. Thanks to a reader (really, thank you for letting me know), I discovered the Barnes and Noble Nook copy is still wrong. I have notified the powers that be. And I’m really sorry for any inconvenience it has caused readers. I’ll keep you posted.

BUT, the good news is that I have a contest going at Selena Robin’s blog

The contest is until Sunday so be sure to go over and comment before then.

Also, I’ve ventured into blogging at Tumblr. Or whatever it is people do at Tumblr. I’m giving it a try. If you’re on Tumblr check me out at

Before The Dawn Update and Upcoming Events

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Whoohooo! The good news is that Amazon and Barnes and Noble now have their copies of Before The Dawn. So if you were waiting to get your copy from one of those outlets, wait no more. 🙂 Thanks so much for your patience.

On other notes…all last week I was working on some revisions, and I hope to have those done by tomorrow at the latest. My dog is giving me the evil eye and asking for play time. Puppy sad eyes.

I have two events coming up soon I wanted to let you know about.  July 16 I’ll be at author Delilah Devlin’s blog. I’ll post the URL in the days to come.

I’m part of High on Historicals, a group of authors who write historicals/historical romances at Samhain Publishing, and on July 23 we’ll be at the Samhain Cafe Yahoo Group chatting about our books and giving prizes. 🙂 I’ll post a link to that soon as well.

Well, this has been a drive by posting, but the dog is really staring at me now. Talk to you all again very soon!


For A Roman’s Heart: Kick Butt Reviews & Book Of The Heart

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Many people ask me what feels good about writing. Why I do it. Simply put, it’s in my blood and always has been. Over the years I’ve struggled with the whole write for the market, write commercial thing. Most authors who’ve been in this business for long have to make a decision. Write what feels good and right and fulfills us as an individual, or write what the market says will get us sales. I’ve struggled with that…yep I’ll fully admit it. From the wide range of subgenres I’ve written in romance, readers can see I pretty much write whatever I want. And you know what? I’m going to keep doing that. Because I love the feeling of integrity and rightness I get when every book is a book of my heart. It’s what makes me tick, it’s what I’m supposed to do and want to do.

For A Roman’s Heart is one of these books, and boy has it been getting awesome, awesome reviews. On the Samhain Publishing site it is all five star reviews. Pretty much the same with Amazon. Just recently I received some fantastic reviews.

From Love Romances:

“This story was really good! I felt as though I was transported back in time and I could see and feel everything. Ms Agnew takes her readers behind the scenes and paints a realistic picture of the times. I loved her characters… Ms. Agnew quite masterfully weaves a tale that captures your heart. There is emotion and, there is adventure. There is danger of the most woeful kind. There are great secondary characters and even her antagonists are really well written. And the love scenes are so sensual and hot! If you enjoy a good historical and I mean a really good historical, then you must read this one!”

From Joyfully Reviewed:

“For a Roman’s Heart is a thrilling page-turner…an excitingly beautiful epic novel. I was drawn to Terentius and Adrenia immediately. They make magic together. Terentius and Adrenia brighten this dark Roman world making it an interesting environment. The heroes in For a Roman’s Heart go far beyond heroic and the villains are despicable. For a Roman’s Heart has just the right amount of romance and suspense! By the end, For a Roman’s Heart had me quivering with anticipation and praying for a happy ending for the couple.”

I also received a wonderful review from Romance Junkies just last night but they haven’t put it up on their website yet, so I’m holding off until it’s official.

To the reviewers and all the kind readers who have praised this story, thank you for making the writing journey even more special!

Book Trailer: Before The Dawn

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Happy day after 4th. of July. I wanted to share with you the gorgeous book trailer for my latest novel, BEFORE THE DAWN. By the way, this book is still not available at Amazon or Barnes and Noble as of this morning (because new files needed to be uploaded), but you can purchase your copy through Samhain Publishing at right now.

In the meantime, take a look at this great trailer!


Yet Another Update: BEFORE THE DAWN

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Happy almost July 4 to all my American readers. I wanted to update you on a few things. My newsletter may not go out until next week. Never fear, it will go out. We were holding off so we could report on whether you could purchase BEFORE THE DAWN at Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble for Nook. So far a new, corrected version of the book has not been uploaded at those sites. I hope sometime next week that will happen. Keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime, if you like, you can pick up your copy at Samhain Publishing in whatever format you need.

Thanks so much for all your patience, and I’ll keep you updated.