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Hot Zone series: Male Call

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Happy Sunday everyone! Starting this week I thought I’d  hit you with some excerpts from my military romance novella series. The first story is Male Call. I wrote Male Call one day when I thought of a “heroine writes the hero during war time idea.” This story uses the idea of old fashioned writing letters, something not everyone appreciates since these days we use email most of the time. But I hope you enjoy it anyway! Beware! These excerpts for each book sometimes have erotic content, so if that isn’t your cup of tea, you’ve been warned.


(story one in the HOT ZONE series)

“The author has done a brilliant job of creating sparks between two people who aren’t even physically together throughout most of the story.  Don’t let that fool you though; there is enough heat between Sean and Eve to turn their letters into ashes!…Somewhat genius in this reviewer’s opinion!”

Love Romances Reviews


Her sexy letters are his only lifeline in his dangerous world…

Successful computer software engineer Eve Carmichael melts under yet another hotter than hot letter written by Reserve army soldier Sean O’Callahan. Yet Eve can’t take the thought of his life in danger overseas, and she resolves to get a sex life—and a life period. That means forgetting Sean before anything bad can happen to him. To celebrate her thirty-fifth birthday, Eve plans a trip to Male Call, a male review club. Still, she worries about Sean. She hasn’t received a letter from him in too many weeks. And oh, how she longs for those flirtatious, hot letters. Sean finds Eve’s letters to be the only lifeline in his increasingly chaotic world. As their feelings grow hot and heavy, he can’t wait to return home and kindle that pure firepower. When Eve receives a letter from Sean saying he’s been wounded, her fears are realized. But fate and a little mischievous planning by her friends will serve up the greatest surprise of all.



Glad I could float your boat. You’ve paid me a great compliment. I doubt any man before you has had that reaction to my photograph. What did you do with all that pent up sexual need after you saw my photo? I wish I had a photograph of you. Something in uniform and macho, if you please. Anyway, I had a dream last night, and I’m blushing right now as I recall it. I was lying on this silky white king-sized bed. Lying on it utterly naked. Okay, I wasn’t totally naked. All I had on was this skimpy red bra and tiny thong panties. A filmy purple and red gauze material draped over the four-poster bed. But the ceiling above the bed is mirrored. The beautiful room is Victorian, with dark wood and green velvet. There is soft flower scents, rose and maybe lavender. Some parts of the dream were beyond hazy, as all dreams are. This one felt special. Anyway, I’m off track. That black dress lay on the foot of the bed. I should have been cold, but the room felt comfortable on my bare skin. I was really excited and frankly, horny as hell. Okay, I’ll admit it. I knew you were coming to see me. How I knew that, I don’t know. Then the bedroom door opened, and you stood there. Naked. Honestly, since I don’t know what you look like naked…oh, wow, I can’t believe I’ve told you about this dream. I’d better quit now before I say something ultra incriminating and you decide to stop writing me.



She sighed, still somewhat embarrassed by the letter. Then she remembered she hadn’t phoned Male Call.

She’d promised to make reservations and something held her back. Maybe she should find it exciting to watch male strippers dance half naked for her, but the only thing her imagination could conjure was a half-clad Sean performing an erotic two-step. She slipped off her athletic shoes and stretched out on the bed so she could enjoy reading his letters. Suddenly, she felt way too warm. She unbuttoned her shirt slowly and unfastened and unzipped her low-rise jeans. Ah, that’s better.



You’re killin’ me here. I’ve enclosed the picture you wanted, though I got the razzing of my life when two of the guys found out why I wanted them to take it.


His photo fell from the envelope onto her lap, and she quickly retrieved it. Oh, oh, man. When Eve had seen the photograph for the first time, it had floored her. Stunned her. Turned her on like no other picture of a man she’d seen before. She’d seen plenty of attractive men in her life, and she’d always thought Sean could be cute in a nerdy way. This picture blew away her conceptions about Sean belonging to geek city.

Decked out in desert battle dress uniform pants and boots, but without a shirt, he held an automatic weapon in front of his chest in a rough and ready pose. The grin on his face was cocky but charming. His espresso eyes held an intense, badass gaze. His military short, silvery blond hair defined his high cheekbones and made his perfectly cut jaw more prominent. And oh, his chest and arms. Sean owned well-muscled arms and a gorgeous chest sprinkled with dark blond hair that trailed down over his six-pack stomach and into his waistband. Oh, my, my. He was delicious, but in a rough, sharply angled way that shouldn’t have turned her on like this. Most women at the office talked behind his back about his tousled messy hair and too-big shirts. Maybe those too large shirts had been hiding this kick ass physique all this time.

He looked dangerous.

Seriously hot.

If the office ladies could see him now…if they even knew what fantastic shape he was in—that his body was this fabulous…

She groaned and jealousy flashed through her. Oh, man. She had it bad.

Even now this photo created a desire that filled her blood with instant sexual attraction. His letters had turned her low-grade intrigue into full-on heat. Her mouth watered. She tore her gaze from the photo with difficulty and returned to the letter.


Now that you’ve seen my ugly mug, I hope you’re satisfied. You asked me what else is happening. Hell, there’s a whole lot I can’t tell you and you don’t want to know. We reached Baghdad, and things are dicey. That’s about all I can say.

Let’s not talk about this crazy place, okay? You know that dream you told me about, the one where you’re lying on the bed naked? Sounds fantastic. Want me to add to the dream?



Meet Reiki Master, Medium & Paranormal Investigator Teresa See

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Hey everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today I’m interviewing Teresa See, a wonderful lady with many talents. Please follow along as I chat with this talented lady. 🙂

* *

I met Teresa some years ago and was fortunate enough to receive Reiki treatments from her. Teresa, welcome to my blog. It’s fantastic to have you as a guest. Please tell everyone your background and about Starcrafts.

Hi, Denise! Thanks for hosting me! Wow—where do I start? I really wear a lot of different hats and have been doing what I do as far back into my childhood as I can remember.

I am a writer, a Reiki Master-Teacher, a working psychic medium, and a psychic reader. I specialize in tarot readings, past-life pendulum readings—and most recently—I have added personal and group mediumship sessions (called “Parlor Gatherings”) to my repertoire.

I have also been on several paranormal investigations & just officially formed a paranormal investigation group called “S.P.I.”—short for Starcrafts Paranormal Investigations.

(Yikes! Looking over this list, I understand why I have so little free-time. *Hee!*) For the past seven years—with my husband as a silent partner, I have also owned and operated a small metaphysical bookstore in La Mesa, CA called Starcrafts.  Starcrafts has actually existed for over 20 years, and we pride ourselves on being a place for people of various and varied spiritual paths to gather, learn, and grow. All are welcome at Starcrafts—without judgement—as long as they gather in peace and follow the idea of “harming none.”

We offer books on a variety of spiritual subjects; various magickal products (including crystals, candles, Jewelry, incense, etc.). Classes on subjects like “Working with Angels,” “Wicca 101,” “Chakra Work & Healing,” “Crystal Divination,” “Psychic Development” and much more.

At Starcrafts, we also offer Public Mediumship Gatherings in a gallery setting, Public Full Moon Celebrations, and monthly Psychic Faires—and we consider our store to be a safe place for all seekers to explore varied and unusual topics.

For more info on classes & events, please call Starcrafts at (619)337-2400 or see & “Like” our Starcrafts Facebook Page

Or see & “Like” my Facebook page for Teresa R. See-Psychic Medium

You’ve remembered a past life on the Titanic. Please tell us as much about that experience as you wish.

LOL! I could actually do pages about this topic! For now, I can tell you that having a past life that was so “provable” to me truly convinced me about the validity of past lives.

Many years ago, after some truly horrible nightmares and other symptoms of what I call “Past Life Intrusion” (like missing time, memories that were not mine, and icy-cold flashes in a very warm July), my life had become a bit of a living hell. I did not yet own Starcrafts—and the bits of spirituality I was exploring had nothing to do with the idea of past lives. I felt lost and as though I was losing my mind. In desperation, I sought out a hypnotist and found out (through hypnotic regression) that I had lived a lifetime as a woman named Bess Allison—who was one of the few First Class women to pass away during the Titanic Disaster. I’d never heard of this woman before—but the details that came up during my session were startling. As Bess, I saw (and experienced) places she lived, saw faces of family and friends she recognized, and just knew details of her Life that I had no way of knowing before the regression.

This was a lifetime I was able to verify and validate after the regression—and the process was amazing!  The facts I found afterward–including pictures of some of the people and places that I’d described so completely under Hypnosis—were life-changing! I was actually able to understand and release a few phobias—and really knew for the first time that we really never die. We learn, we shift, we change, and we grow—but we never cease to exist. If you ever want to know more, please let me know.

The Anniversary of the sinking always brings something new to my awareness. And this year, the 101st, was a real dilly! But would take way too long to type out here for you with so many other great questions to address.

Have you recalled other past lives, and if so, what are they?

I actually have worked on other significant lifetimes—we all have dozens, if not hundreds—and all teach us something about ourselves and about the human spirit.I have lived as a general’s giancée during the American Civil War; as an indentured servant aboard a sailing ship; and as a wise woman (read witch) who was murdered in France during the 18th century.

We have all been good guys and bad guys. The whole point is the experience. And boy do we ever experience.

Considering the wide variety of experiences you’ve had, what do you feel was the one thing you had the most difficulty accepting about the paranormal?

Maybe some of the ideas about aliens. Not saying I believe in them or that I don’t—the jury is still out for me. I just think some of the conspiracy theories out there get a little wild.

Would you consider yourself a skeptical believer?

Definitely! I think if you just blindly accept anything and everything as magickal or as having a metaphysical or paranormal origin, you actually miss the real miracles that the divine ones gift us with. It has been my understanding that most “real” metaphysical experiences lack what a friend of mine would call “cheesy Hollywood special effects.”

They may be profound but often are very subtle. No flames, or sparkles, or anything. Most are moments you might well miss—like whispered words you thought you heard while you were folding the laundry  or synchronicities you may not be able to explain away. You need to rule out all real-world” possibilities so the truth of the paranormal & metaphysical shine for what they are.

How do you handle total cynics who don’t believe in the paranormal at all?

I actually really love them! A dear friend of mine—Ken—refers to himself as a “hopeful skeptic.” I really think this is the truth for many of these folks. They may want to believe (on some level)—but feel it might be devastating if they begin to believe only to have that rug pulled from under them. I respect these people for using their minds and logic and I only ask that they open their minds enough to admit that their logic truly cannot explain all that is. I never try to force them to believe”anything or to convince them that my truth is the only truth. As a result of allowing them to ask, observe, and to simply analyze what they experience  and be who they are, I have been blessed to see many different types of skeptics actually begin to shift toward some belief of certain metaphysical & paranormal ideas. The acceptance of any of these ideas must be based on an Individual’s comfort levels & must fit into their personal understanding of things and I think that is just fine.

I always think that people of like mind are often drawn together through law of attraction. What are your feelings on the subject?

That may be part of it—but I think there may even be more to it than that. We do seem to resonate or feel drawn to people who believe as we do, but it may have as much to do with the soul-group(s) we choose to incarnate with. Soul groups are made up of other souls we know well—often from several lifetimes. We may have lessons to teach or to learn from one another—but I believe that sometimes, we simply choose to incarnate with a group of spirits we enjoy being with. Bet that explains some of your friends and relationships, doesn’t it?

You’re a medium. How long did it take you to accept those abilities and to reveal them to people around you?

I think I am still working on it!  Being a medium is sometimes—as fictional Detective Adrian Monk might say—“a gift and a curse.”  I can truly understand that it is difficult for some people to believe that I (or anyone) could connect with and “hear” people’s dear ones on the other side. It does sound crazy. I understand “the look” when I see it. And I have seen it often. The startled/skeptical/frightened  look many people give you when you admit that you can speak and connect directly with the departed can be a little hard to take at first. But when you repeat what their Dear one is saying—sometimes in a language you don’t speak or understand—and you see that look shift into shocked hope and acceptance, it is worth it.

I believe that when I was a child of about five, in addition to hearing spirits, I could actually “see” them—but I remember that one day, something I saw frightened me. My dear grandmother (now of blessed memory), told me that if I didn’t want to see, I should ask the angels to take away the sight. With their help, I shut the ability down for a very long while. Over the years, friends and colleagues suggested that I really was a psychic medium, but I did what I could to avoid the subject. When I bought Starcrafts, I began working with my primary spirit guide, Hudson, to help people find out about their past lives. We would do “past life profiles” to heal and release past issues so that these clients could make their current incarnations happier.   One day, a dear friend called to ask if I could try to find out from Hudson whether her very young relative who had passed from a sudden illness had made a peaceful transition to the other side. When I gently told her that I really didn’t do that kind of work, Hudson said clearly, “Yes, you do. You did before—as a child—and it is time to do so again. Starting now.” I didn’t really know what I was doing—but I trusted Hudson—and lots of information flowed into my head (in both English and Spanish).

Even though I don’t speak or understand Spanish, I repeated exactly what I heard and described what I saw in the pictures in my mind. My startled friend asked questions and new information flooded my thoughts to answer them. I wasn’t even aware of what I said. I just let the information all flow through. By the end of the session, my friend was crying tears of peace-filled Healing and I was stunned. Took a while to accept the enormity of what had just happened. I started offering mediumship sessions shortly thereafter.

What kind of medium are you?

I am an “Evidential” Clairaudient—meaning I actually hear the dear ones from the other side and/or spirit guides much more often than I see them (or interact in any other way). They may also put pictures or symbols in my mind’s eye or I will experience physical sensations to get messages across. For example, I once had the sensation of feeling as though my neck was being pinched by a pair of giant fingernails. It felt like an awful popping sensation followed the pinch & I had a sudden realization/awareness of what this meant. I gently asked if the departed had passed in a car accident and if he had been decapitated, and the stunned family member I was reading for confirmed that, yes, that was exactly how their loved one had passed. It was an amazing validation for that family and for me. Mediums all have different ways of connecting—some hear (like me); some feel the emotions; some actually see them, but all have some direct connection or interaction with the departed.

What advice can you give to people interested in developing their psychic abilities?

Work to your strengths! Everyone is a potential psychic, but not everyone works the same way. And, not everyone is a medium. And this is a good thing.  There are healers, and pre-cognitive psychics (seers), and psychics who read the energy of objects and many other types, too. Some people know things before they happen; some get psychic info in dreams or visions or flashes of Insight; some feel the emotions/energy of others. There are many gifts and not all of them work the same way. Some people have more than one gift, too.

The main thing is to try to find out what gifts you truly have (instead of trying to embrace a gift you only wish you had) and learn how those gifts work so you can embrace them and practice using them. I would suggest a lot of research and maybe try to find a group or class to help you. Most New Age or metaphysical bookstores hold classes or know of reputable teachers who can help you. I suggest you only work with teachers or groups that you feel comfortable with and who have been personally recommended to you by someone you trust and be sure to ask lots of questions about how long they have been doing this work. There are some great classes out there but don’t be afraid to walk away from a group or teacher you do not resonate with. Your development is the most important factor you should consider. Don’t settle.

Besides all your paranormal pursuits, what is your career path?

Well—considering all that is happening at the moment, I believe the paranormal may be my career path! And I couldn’t be more delighted.  I truly love to help people connect with their dear ones and feel honored and blessed to be able to help them experience and clear anything that still needs to be worked through. I am very excited as doors continue to open for me and I find myself doing more mediumship on a bigger and bigger scale. I’m doing individual mediumship and healing sessions on a regular basis, and find myself reading for gallery audiences and private parties (“Parlor Gatherings”) several times a month now, too. And I’m very excited to have a wonderful experience coming up in just a few short weeks that should only help all of this continue to grow and progress in wonderful and healing ways. I am one of fifty individuals worldwide to have been interviewed and selected to attend an “Advanced Mediumship Workshop” with world-renowned psychic medium, John Holland! In a few short weeks, I’ll be headed further away from home than I have ever been—going all the way to Maine—to learn even more about how to work with the Mediumship than I have ever learned. My dearest hope is that what I learn from John will enable me to reach and help even more people! Wish me luck, everyone!

Thank you so much for spending time with us today, Teresa. 

My pleasure! This was fun! Hope to have an opportunity to do so again sometime!


Blog Hop Time! Win Prizes!

Thursday, April 18th, 2013



Wooohoooo! Yes, that is a big banner. But I wanted to make sure you don’t miss it. 🙂

Yes, it is blog hop time again. And because it is, I’m not dragging you into a big ole long blog about moi. I want you to have fun running around to all the websites of participating authors so you can not only see what awesome books they’ve written, but you have the chance to win prizes from them and chances to win the grand prizes.  By the way, you could win a copy of my erotic romance novella Major Pleasure featuring a seriously hot army dude. How cool is that? 🙂

So click on the banner above and cruise through all the great author sites!

Here’s the cover for my military romance story Major Pleasure. 🙂 Enjoy!










Oldie But Goodie Excerpts: Over The Line

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Hey there everyone. For the next few weeks I hope to have a few guest authors as well as introduce you to some excerpts from my books that you may not have seen/read yet. Today is a favorite scene from one of my older Ellora’s Cave novella’s OVER THE LINE. I love this Scottish hero. Beware…erotic romance content ahead!

Over The Line

Available at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other outlets.

(This scene is a favorite of mine because it feels particularly intense with sexual tension right away. That, and I just love Ben Darrock, the hero.)

Ben Darrock would bust a gasket when he saw the other note nestled among the items she needed to show him. Correction. The big Scotsman would come unglued and start demanding she take action.

When she arrived at his door, she stopped and stared at the nameplate. Ben Darrock, Director, Division Six. It always took nerve to step into this room. To talk with him. To be near him.

She knocked.

“Come,” a voice deep with a Scottish accent said through the closed door.

Come. She couldn’t hear that innocent word in his voice without wondering what it would feel like to climax with him deep inside her. Since the first day she’d walked into the agency as a new employee she’d felt this insatiable sexual reaction to him, unstoppable and fierce. Fantasies about having Glasgow-born Ben Darrock in her bed frequented her nighttime dreams more than she wanted to admit. But reality and castles-in-the-sky didn’t mix at work, and she understood that as well as the next person.

She strove for a year to convince herself she couldn’t break rules and code of conduct in the workplace. Drooling over the boss didn’t fall under the category of responsible, sensible, or any other ible she could recall. Now she didn’t care. As the cliché said, life was too damned short. Get on with it. He isn’t going to wait all day.

As she clasped the doorknob, a flush heated her face. Here goes.

Seconds later she stepped into his large but austere office. He kept it clean, organized, and modern to the point of dull. The whole place lacked warmth, and one of the secretaries in Division Six once suggested Ben must be like that in bed. Cold. Perfunctory. Boring.

Like hell.

While Ellie possessed no tangible evidence, she knew by instinct Ben owned a passionate nature that, once aroused, could consume a woman. Make her want, say and do things she’d never imagined before. Oh, yeah. A woman could find fire in his arms.

She had the evidence. Over the last year she’d encountered him in situations where they stood close together talking about work. She’d breathe in his crazy-making scent, a tantalizing combination of sandalwood and musk. She would look up and see the sparkle of amusement or a devouring gaze which said he appreciated her as a woman.

Less then a week after she’d met him she saw warmth in his gaze, an interesting mix of gentleness and pure male hunger that made her tingle from her long braided hair to her barely-there bikini panties. Heat stirred inside her remembering the bone-melting attraction and craving she experienced each time he looked at her that way.

Then Ellie’s gaze fell on the picture of his long dead wife sitting on his bookshelf and a little of her enthusiasm faded. Maureen Darrock, gone ten years, stared out from the picture, blonde, icy, and beautiful.

A memory with which Ellie couldn’t compete.

Some people said Ben couldn’t get over his wife’s murder.  Well, she didn’t really blame him. How many people could ever recover from knowing their loved one was slain so callously and cruelly.

Long moments drew out until the Scotsman looked up from his desk and the papers in front of him. “Ellie.” An almost tender smile touched his lips. “What have you got there?”

His one-hundred percent rich Scots accent held the right amount of sexy nuance to make her feel lustful and excited in less then a heartbeat. Whenever his melodious voice said her name, heat coasted across her body like a flash fire.

“I brought the latest messages. I could have emailed them, but I needed to see you.”

He captured her gaze and held it. Dark coffee eyes smoldered with instant, unmistakable admiration.  Whenever he looked at her, she received an instant boost from the caressing, intent look in his eyes.

He nodded. “All right. What’s this about?”

To her surprise, he left his desk and came towards her. Today he wore a dark green sweater that couldn’t hide the impressive width of his shoulders and neat dark slacks that fit as if tailored for him. He stopped in front of her, too close for comfort.

“The daily message traffic is heavy. There’s some disturbing data here on the situation in Ireland I thought you’d like to see,” she said.

When he reached for the file, his fingers brushed hers. Tingles raced through her hand at the innocent touch. He flipped through the file and perused the messages without a word.

While he read, she couldn’t stop looking at him. She loved his face. His chiseled nose and well-drawn mouth belonged on a movie star, but he was in no way a pretty boy. The close cut, attractive trim of his mustache and beard sculpted his face. Some women thought his just below collar length hair a bit too much. All she saw was drop-dead, outrageously sexy. The fact he could get away with the look in the SIA said much. The man proved himself professionally time and again and no one denied it.

And his body. Well, his body defined all a woman could want. At least, all she could want anyway. Over the time she’d worked with him she saw him in suits and ties, casual work clothes, and even once at a picnic wearing a tight T-shirt and shorts. The T-shirt had molded his wide shoulders, lovingly hugging muscled arms and chest to perfection. Her gaze had snagged on the hint of six-pack stomach under that white shirt. His shorts had also not hidden the fact his ass was world class. And his legs—oh, his legs. Long, hard with strength. All SIA agents had to be in tiptop shape, but he’d gone out of his way to hone an athletic frame to die for.

While she topped five six in stocking feet, his six foot two frame towered over her. His muscular body always made her feel safe and female in the most primal way.  As a fully trained agent for the SIA, she could take care of herself.  Despite this, she couldn’t help the tiny, primitive sensation of enjoying his protection.  No matter what the situation she couldn’t help feeling that no matter what went down, this man would protect her unto death.

Yeah, the man is categorically, undeniably fuckable.


Guest Author: Lezli Polm–Paranormal Investigator, Author & Medium

Monday, April 8th, 2013


A huge welcome to author Lezli Polm. I’ve had the fortune to get to know Lezli just in the last few months. Recently I read her autobiographical work Thin is the Veil: A Haunting Memoir. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a fantastic peek into the world of the paranormal. Today I’m interviewing Lezli, so sit back and relax.


Lezli, welcome to my blog. It’s fantastic to have you as a guest. Your book Thin Is The Veil: A Haunting Memoir gives the reader an in-depth look at your paranormal experiences from childhood to present. Considering the wide variety of experiences you’ve had, what do you feel was the one thing you had the most difficulty accepting about the paranormal?

I would say that the most challenging thing has been accepting the fact that I will probably never have solid answers. I would love to know the reasons behind the things I have seen and experienced.  I’ve looked to science and studied various religions, but at this time, at this point in our evolution as human beings, we cannot provide solid conclusions to explain what we call ‘paranormal’ occurrences.

Would you consider yourself a skeptical believer?

Yes, I tend to be very skeptical until I see evidence to the contrary. That being said, I am also obviously a believer because I have had so many personal experiences.

Tell us a bit about your paranormal investigation group and how many cases you’ve covered.

Our official group began two years ago.  We had been working together for several years as co-members of a Wiccan Coven. As Wiccans we were sometimes asked to do house blessings, clear negativity from a space and even convey messages to deceased loved ones. When a woman asked for our help, stating that she thought her house was haunted, we decided to check it out and SOS Paranormal was born. With two psychics on board and the addition of a tech guy, and an animal sensitive we are now helping anyone in our area who as a paranormal problem. We have a handful of cases under our belt even though we don’t live in a populated area of the state.

What do you feel makes a paranormal investigation team operate smoothly?

I think it helps if you know each other well and have a high level of trust between members. Everyone needs to be able to keep their head in stressful and frightening situations. We always have a plan and take things step by step. Of course there are times when a plan has to be changed or abandoned. Our motto is “Be ready for anything.”

Do you still run into many skeptics? How do you handle them?

Most people are skeptics. It’s human nature to question. I tell everyone that my book is merely a re-counting of my own personal experiences and my own quest for answers. I don’t try to prove anything. Many times people share their own paranormal experiences with me.

I always think that people of like mind are often drawn together through law of attraction. What are your feelings on the subject?

I truly believe in the law of attraction. Not only are like-minded people attracted to one another, but what you put out into the Universe is generally what you will receive in return.

You’re also a medium. How long did it take you to accept those abilities and to reveal them to people around you?

I think I am still in the process of accepting the abilities that I have. The thing about psychic ability is that it varies and at least in my case is sporadic. I haven’t had a lot of control over it in the past. It has only been in the last few years that I have felt comfortable talking about it to just anyone. Select family members and a few close friends were the only ones who knew about it up until then.

What kind of medium are you?

I would say that I am more of a sensitive. I can sense the energy of a Spirit and sometimes they choose to communicate with me. I rarely seek them out outside of our team investigations. I have held séances in the past but I prefer to let the Spirits come to me if they need to say something. Before learning more about energies and working with them, I found it hard to use my abilities at will. Now I have learned techniques that help me to tune in or dial down my access to the Spirit World.

What advice can you give to people interested in developing their psychic abilities?

Learn a mind clearing discipline such as yoga or meditation. Once you have the ability to turn off the busy outside world you can begin to focus on your awareness. Feel your surroundings, listen quietly, and experience your feelings. Record your dreams and re-connect with nature. Trust your instincts.

Besides all your paranormal pursuits, what is your career path?

I am a Licensed Holistic Nurse and worked in Pediatrics for many years, I then owned a consulting business “Alternative Solutions”. I left the health care field to pursue a degree in Religion from an Interfaith Seminary. I am a founding member and Ordained Minister of Gateway to the Sacred, which is an Interfaith Church and 501C3 organization. My day job for the past 18 years has been bookkeeper for our family owned retail business.

Thank you so much for spending time with us today Lezli. Everyone take a peek at this small excerpt from Thin Is The Veil: A Haunting Memoir.

It was just after nightfall. As we approached the bridge over a ravine known as Green Bush Draw, I saw a woman in a long white dress standing in the middle of the bridge. She was holding a small child in her arms. They didn’t move even though they must have seen the car heading toward them. Our headlights were shining directly on them. Dad wasn’t slowing down.





My Connection To Last Of The Mohicans

Friday, April 5th, 2013


The other day I watched one of my favorite movies of all time, Last of The Mohicans (Daniel Day-Lewis version). Yes, I love this movie because it is a romance, but it also has complex characters and amazing plot. There’s nothing I like more than very human characters.

Now, what is my connection to Last Of The Mohicans? In the movie Fort William Henry is a major part of the story. More than one of my ancestors fought in the French/Indian Wars, and while watching the movie I pulled out my ancestry information compiled for my membership in DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). A chill ran up my spine as I reread some of the information. One of my ancestors had a brother who served at Fort William Henry but left the fort several months before the massacre that occurred in August 1757. A tenuous connection, but I thought it was a crazy coincidence this information would pop to my attention just as I was watching a movie dealing with Fort William Henry.

So have you had any strange connections in your life?