Delicious and Unique Historical Romance Novels

There’s few things I like more than a read that doesn’t follow all the conventions. In historical romance novels, I love settings that aren’t the same old same old. My next historical novel (which I’ve named temporarily That Novel About That Thang because I can’t think of a good title yet) is set in an extremely unusual setting for a romance. With that in mind, I wanted to recommend some historical romance novels that I love set in unusual times/places. I sincerely hope you’ll pick up a copy of these fantastic books. I’m splitting the recommendations into more than one blog.

Bonnie Vanak has written a wonderful set of novels set in Egypt during the Victorian and Edwardian time periods.  Check out her webpage here for all the details. I love these books! You can find all her Khamsin Warrior books at Amazon. Hope you’ll click on the links below and pick up a copy of each and everyone of these books!

The Falcon & the Dove

The Tiger & the Tomb

The Sword & the Sheath

The Panther & the Pyramid

The Scorpion & the Seducer

The Lady & the Libertine

The Cobra & the Concubine

Another fantastic historical Bonnie has written set during the American Revolution is:

The Patriot’s Conquest

I hope you’ll check out her fabulous historical romances. Next time I’ll have some more historical romance recommendations for you.

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  1. Colleen says:

    I think I have read two of them…

  2. Hi Colleen,

    You should read them all! 🙂 Ha, ha!

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