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Announcing Happy Catastrophe Productions!

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Hey all! Sometimes creative life takes new directions. This quick note is to announce the formation of Happy Catastrophe Productions with writing and producing partners Marie D. Jones and Brian Keith Ellis. Yay! Putting Producer on my resume isn’t something I imagined in my life, but there it is. We don’t have all of our official stuff up yet such as website, business cards and all of that jazz, but that will be in the works. We’ll develop projects for film and television. Right now we’re working on our own projects.

Early last year my creativity took a different direction. Marie optioned Blackout and Love From The Ashes for television and film and that started a new creative movement in my life. I started working on horror and less romance (although I’m not dropping romance all together). Over the years I’ve discovered a few creativity truths for me. Whenever I concentrate on what “feels” right for me to pursue in a writing direction, the more opportunities come my way. So I’m sticking with that formula!

As soon as I have more to announce on Happy Catastrophe Productions, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Laters taters!


All The Things: Movies, TV Series & Horror Best Seller

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Hello everyone. My writing world runneth over. Just a few little updates! To find details on the books mentioned, stop by here.



Gorillas With Scissors Press introduces a yearly horror anthology with 50% of the proceeds going toward a charity every year. This year the contributions go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I’m happy to say that I’m included in this year’s anthology with my spooky story Comeuppance. Just recently I learned the anthology has zipped to #2 on the Horror Anthology bestseller list at Amazon. How amazing is that?

BlackoutFINALV3 (1)13701160_10210331738635717_6596994328360876987_o


In other quick catch up news, my story Blackout is still in development for television, and recently I started working on another TV series with producer/writer Marie D. Jones (Where’s Lucy Productions) and producer/writer Brian Keith Ellis. Exciting writing times. When I can reveal more on these projects I’ll be sure to let you know.


I finished writing my zombie series of books and I’m slowly working through revisions in between participating in NANOWRIMO in November. Although I won’t finish NANOWRIMO this year, I’m perfectly okay with that. I still achieved a lot of writing. I think December might be a good time to take a chill pill and relax a little before the new year starts.

Until next time, live, love and dream.


Disaster Junkie: Excerpt from Blackout

Monday, May 16th, 2016

This week I’m regaling you with an excerpt from my novel Blackout. Enjoy!

A woman rebuilding her shattered life faces a new disaster when a solar flare takes out the grid, and the only thing standing between her and certain death is a U.S. Marshal with a shadowy past, and a haunted house that threatens to destroy them both.

* *

In this scene the hero and heroine come up against some seriously nasty people in the aftermath of the solar flare.

BlackoutFINALV3 (1)

With Skinhead’s big body blocking Cassie’s vision, she couldn’t see past him at first. But she’d recognize Griff’s no-nonsense voice anywhere. Relief crashed like a wave over her.

Skinhead levered off of her and stood, and she scooted away. She didn’t try to stand, her body still protesting every move she made.

Griff came into her view as he came closer. He held his weapon out in front of him, his stance self-assured and ready to fire if need be. Cassie’s gaze narrowed to his face, to the coldness in his eyes, and the tight line of his lips.

Griff’s expression was tight with pure anger. “Back away from her.”

“Whoa, now,” Skinhead said. “We didn’t mean no harm.”

“You better get some etiquette lessons, asshole.” Griff’s expression didn’t change, and his voice stayed icy. “It fucking looked like you meant harm when you touched her.”

“This little lady your woman?” Jacky asked.

Griff didn’t hesitate. “Yes.”

“Well, ain’t that fine?” Jacky smiled, ice still in his eyes. He held up his hands and took the steps down past Griff and nearer to his bulky friend. “We’ll just be going then.”

Jacky’s companion reached slowly for the rifle that had fallen to the ground when he’d rolled down the steps.

“Leave it.” Griff’s voice cut like a knife.

“It don’t belong to you,” Skinhead said.

“Too bad.” Griff’s stance didn’t move an inch, his weapon trained on the men.

“I don’t know,” Jacky said. “I think you oughtta teach your bitch some manners at least. She wasn’t the least hospitable.”

Cassie almost told the guy where he could shove his manners.

Skinhead’s ugly smile appeared. “Maybe I should take her from you. She’s a beauty.”

Cassie’s heart shot into her throat in a mix of fear and disgust. “No.”

The word was barely a whisper. A croaking sound. Griff didn’t even flinch.

Skinhead laughed. “Christ. Are you a dumb fuck? I got friends in this town. Maybe we should just come back later and kill you and take her then.”

Griff’s smile held no amusement. “You can try.”

The absolute certainty in Griff’s words made a shiver go through her. She couldn’t take her eyes off him.

Jacky chuckled. “Cripes, Peterson. He has a look about him. Sure you weren’t in a militia or something, bub? A gang maybe?”

Griff’s gaze and his aim didn’t venture from the man called Peterson. “Yep.”

“You were in a gang?” Jacky asked.

“Survivalist camp. Neo-Nazi,” Griff said with perfect conviction.

At this news, a strange feeling of unreality came over Cassie. Griff couldn’t be serious.

“Well, why the hell didn’t you say so, brother?” Peterson said with a smile.

Griff didn’t lower his weapon. “I’m not here for old home week, and you put your hands on my woman. I suggest you leave.”

* *

You can grab a copy of Blackout at several retailers. Click here to get all the links!

What’s On A Disaster Junkie’s Bookshelf?

Friday, April 29th, 2016

Hey all,

The other day I did a video blog on the disaster books that are on my bookshelf. Well, part of the disaster books I have. Check out my video and get the scoop on some of the intriguing books on disasters that are on my shelf!

I would’ve imbedded the video here but for some reason it wouldn’t work! Have no idea why. Click here to get to the video and thanks so much!







Blackout: Could You Survive? A Disaster Junkie Looks At The Facts

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

Back when I researched the science for Blackout, I ran into something that shouldn’t have surprised me but did. Even after I’d done my research, talked with electrical engineers, read books on solar flare, I discovered not all scientists agreed what would happen during an X-class solar flare (Electro Magnetic Pulse/Coronal Mass Ejection).

While I did my research, I also knew I was writing fiction and not a science book. We never know how the world will react to a global disaster…especially people!

Here’s a quick excerpt from Blackout to give you just a taste of how things go for the hero and heroine in Blackout right after they hear an X-class solar flare is coming their way.

* *

“That’s all we’ve got?” the man standing near Griff said in an angry tone, as if Griff could change the truth. “Three days?”

Cassie saw Griff’s reaction, the subtle impatience in his eyes. Griff restrained himself and kept his tone even. “Could be less.”

“Jesus,” another man said, this guy older. He put his arm around his wife. “End times.”

Cassie winced, wanting to berate the man for going that far. But she didn’t want an argument and it wouldn’t help anything. Besides the fact her heart hadn’t stopped banging against her ribcage since they’d read the closed captioning. Penny had quickly taken the television off mute and closed captioning.

Cassie’s mind kept flashing back to the tsunami all those years ago, and a horrible sense of déjà vu threatened to unhinge her hard-won stability.

The reporter, looking scared shitless, had given the breaking news. The gasps that had gone up around the room had evaporated into weeping among a couple of the younger women. Several couples had rushed off, not saying where they were going to or why. That left Penny, Griff, Cassie and the much smaller group of ten.

“One to three days is a hell of a lot better than nothing.” Griff’s voice sounded brusque but calm. “There are things we can do to mitigate this situation.”

The reporting went on, and it didn’t matter which channel Penny checked. They all said the same thing. Another reporter already had a so-called expert sitting in the studio with him.

“Dr. Abrams, thank you so much for being with us here today. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of very frightened people out there. But first can you explain to them exactly what is happening?” the reporter asked.

Dr. Abrams, a middle-aged man with a dark beard and glasses, looked very calm. “Henry, this is indeed a serious situation. The NOAA Prediction Center in Boulder has given notice that a geomagnetic storm could put us in extreme danger.” The roughness in his voice didn’t betray nervousness. “We have about one to three days before the electromagnetic pulse occurs as a result of a coronal mass ejection from the sun. What is called an X-class event.”

“And what does that mean, doctor?” the reporter asked.

Dr. Abrams looked grim. “There is more than one stage to this. First stage is the actual solar flare, second is the radiation storm, and the second is the coronal mass ejection. The ACE satellite launched in ninety-seven by NASA monitors the parameters of solar events and solar winds, the polarity.”

“In layman’s terms what does that mean for us?” the reporter asked.

“Without some immediate preparation such as a controlled shut down of the grid to minimize damage, we’ll have a hell of a mess on our hands. Radio and electricity may be gone through the destruction of electrical circuits. Microchips will fry. Power lines will overload. Cars, computers, subways, cell phones, and airplanes may or may not work…with the exception of special military planes designed to withstand EMP.”

“There goes that new iPhone I bought last week,” a middle-aged man in a suit said just before he rushed out of the front door of the hotel.

“When it gets here we can expect power outages,” the expert on television said. “My guess is that several grids will be shut down in advance of the EMP to make sure there is less damage to the infrastructure. That in itself is good news. But there are large transformers that could be totally destroyed. High voltage transmission would build up, and when that happens it goes into the transformers and destroys whole grids. And it takes eighteen months minimum to make one of these transformers.”

“Eighteen months,” a woman near Cassie whispered, her voice struck with horror.

“Dr. Abrams, aren’t there quite a few of our electronics which can survive this stuff?” the reported asked.

Dr. Abrams stroked his beard for a moment. “People already prepared for this sort of thing will fare the best. Survivalists and preppers who’ve built Faraday cages to protect electronic devices. They have enough food, water, and supplies to take them into the next few years or more. Those are the only people prepared for what will happen.”

“What about transportation?” the reporter asked.

“Transportation will be a nightmare. There’s controversy about which cars would work and which ones won’t. Commercial airlines should shut down operations to make certain their communications aren’t compromised and that no planes fall out of the sky. “

“What’s a Faraday cage, doctor?” the reporter asked.

“It absorbs or reflects electrical charge and preserves the electronics within whatever device it’s protecting,” the doctor said.

“How long could it take us to recover from something like this?” the reporter asked.

“Full recovery of infrastructure could take up to ten years.”

Now the reporter looked disconcerted, his calm facade cracking a bit as his voice went husky. “Shouldn’t we have been better prepared for this?”

“Shit,” Griff said in a disgusted tone so low Cassie figured only she could hear him. “Here it comes. The finger pointing.”

Dr. Abrams said, “We can never be fully prepared for this. Perfection isn’t possible.”

* *

I won’t tell you how the world or the characters in Blackout survive (or don’t). ‘Cause that would be tellin’.

You can grab a copy of Blackout now for 99 cents at


Barnes and Noble





BlackoutFINALV3 (1)

Disaster Junkie: Inspiration For Blackout

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Since I announced that Where’s Lucy? Productions had optioned Blackout and Love From The Ashes for film/TV, a couple of people observed that both stories deal in some way with natural disasters. But wait. Yes, I’m frequently interested in writing stories which include natural or unnatural disasters (a trilogy I haven’t published yet includes all of those things). Yet the first spark of inspiration for Blackout wasn’t a massive solar flare that takes out grid. It was a house in my neighborhood. Yeah, that’s right.

Anyone who knows me well understand that I’m more likely than not to mix genres in some weird ways. Blackout is no exception. Here’s where the house in my neighborhood comes into the picture.

I walk my dog twice a day. On one of the streets was an empty house with serious vibes to it. This house didn’t have bad vibes really, but it had that undeniable atmosphere you find when a home hasn’t been occupied for a long time. The yard went wild and scraggly each winter, up to and including these rosebushes that would bloom as soon as spring came. Whoever owned the house (but didn’t live in it), would have the yard cleaned up once or twice a year. One day an idea just jumped into my head. What if the house was haunted? What if the yard, with its wildly crazy rosebushes, continued to grow and do strange things even when the owners had been gone many years?

Bam. The idea for Blackout came from those few thoughts. A germination of an idea that spawned a twisted paranormal romance featuring a haunted house, a solar flare taking out the grid, and the weird things humans get up to when faced with disaster.

There you have it. A tiny tidbit of what got me started on the Blackout journey.

If you’d like to get a copy of Blackout you can snag it now for 99 cents at the following retailers:


Barnes and Noble


For additional retailers click here.

BlackoutFINALV3 (1)

Happy Reading!

Exciting News! Love From The Ashes & Blackout Optioned for Film/Television Rights!

Monday, March 28th, 2016

Some amazing things can happen in a writer’s career, but I never thought this would happen! I am thrilled to announce some exciting news I’ve been keeping inside for weeks. My novels Love From The Ashes and Blackout have been optioned for film/television rights! Champagne and chocolate anyone? A huge thank you to Marie D. Jones for this exciting opportunity! Here’s the official press release:

Marie D. Jones




Writer-Producer Options Two Novels By Romance Author

SAN DIEGO, CA/MAR. 28, 2016 – Writer-Producer Marie D. Jones (Where’s Lucy? Productions) has optioned film/television rights to two novels, “Blackout” and “Love From the Ashes,” by Amazon best-selling romance author Denise A. Agnew.

“Blackout” combines science fiction elements with suspense and romance. “Love From the Ashes” is a historical romance set during the 1906 Great San Francisco Earthquake and Firestorm. Both properties will be pitched for feature films and/or limited run/event television series. Jones stated, “Denise A. Agnew’s books caught my eye because of her ability to cross romance with other genres and tell a great story, and her professional attitude towards working with a producer to develop these properties for the market.”

Where’s Lucy? Productions is gearing up with a full slate of optioned and soon-to-be-optioned properties, as well as original projects written by Jones, to produce and/or co-produce in conjunction with Vesuvian Media Group. Jones is represented by Italia Gandolfo of Gandolfo Helin and Fountain Literary Management.

For further information, contact Marie at:


BlackoutFINALV3 (1)CoverLarger (1)

Preorder Holding Out For A Hero & Sweet Sensations Is Out!

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

If you like military romance, do I have some romance coming right at you. First up is my novella Major Pleasure, an erotic romance I wrote some time ago which is featured in the contemporary romance box set Sweet Sensations, a collection of stories from USA Today and Amazon Best Selling Authors.


You can grab Sweet Sensations right now by clicking right here. Next week I hope to have an excerpt of Major Pleasure for you on this blog.

If you missed the delicious trailer enjoy it below!

Preorder is up for Holding Out For A Hero: SEALS, Soldiers, Spies, Cops, FBI Agents and Rangers! Release date is December 8.


New York Times and USA Today Best Selling authors Cardidad Pineiro, Sharon Hamilton, Gennita Low, Tawny Weber, Karen Fenech, Lisa Hughey, Opal Carew and Denise A. Agnew present eight amazing stories for every woman looking for a hero.

You can preorder your copy here for 99cents.

We have a Writerspace Chat you can attend on Wednesday, December 2 at 9pm Eastern. The link is here.

We also have a great Facebook party on Thursday, December 10 at 6pm Eastern and we’d love for you to attend. You can sign up by clicking here.

Thanks so much and I can’t wait for you to read these collections! Soon I’ll have a sneak peek excerpt from my story in Holding Out For A Hero which is called Blackout.


Danger, Adventure & Romance: Blackout On Sale For 99 Cents

Saturday, March 28th, 2015



Love a novel with danger, adventure, paranormal elements and hot romance? Blackout is on sale at these outlets for 99 cents.


Barnes and Noble



Here’s a hot excerpt you’ve never seen before! In this scene the hero and heroine have just survived a very dangerous confrontation with some nasty characters.

* *

Cassie’s surprise at what Penny had revealed was overtaken by another emotion. Several emotions, in fact. Penny’s gaze on Griff was more than admiring. It was calculating. Suddenly Cassie didn’t trust the woman for one second longer. An impression flew at her—this woman wanted Griff for her own. Shocked, Cassie didn’t speak. Then, to her shame, she felt trembling start in her limbs. She didn’t dare lose control. She wouldn’t lose it in front of anyone.

“Excuse me,” Cassie said as she turned and made her way up the stairs.

She walked as fast as her legs would carry her, half expecting for Griff to run after her. When he didn’t, she wasn’t sure how to feel. She hurried toward the stairs and took them quickly, trotting up them until she’d reached her room. She pushed open the door and that’s when she heard footsteps behind her. Griff had followed.

“Cassie! Hold up.”

She opened the door and went inside. He caught the door before it slammed, then shoved it closed behind him. He watched her for a second, uncertainty crossing his eyes for a few seconds.

“Get out,” she said, shaking to the very core.

He stood in her room with that automatic weapon slung over his shoulder, his tall body tense, his eyes hard and unforgiving. Alongside the anger seething within her were other emotions she dare not acknowledge or reveal. Heat sprung up along her skin and replaced the cold, and her aches and pains faded to the background under new physical sensations. The man in front of her had protected her, but she hated that he had to. That the world she lived in had cruel, ugly men like the one who’d assaulted her. That she’d done such a poor job of protecting herself.


“Go ahead and get it over with.”


“The lecture. Clearly that’s what you had in mind when you followed me up here.”

“You’re right. I did. You could have been killed. God only knows what would have happened if I hadn’t come back and seen what was happening.”

He put the automatic weapon down on the table, then drew off his coat and holster and placed both on a chair next to the couch. He stalked toward her, and she stiffened. All those emotions steaming through her threatened to boil over. Tears stung her eyes. Tangled emotions battled for supremacy inside her. She wanted to yell at him for resembling those Neanderthals in any way.

“From now on I need you to do what I tell you,” he said. “Things are getting dicey out there. There was damn near a riot at the sheriff’s department. People are looking for help and they’re starting to blame others. Look for scapegoats. They aren’t pulling together. At least not the ones who made a run on the cops, anyway.”

She closed her eyes and drew a shuddering breath. “Why am I not surprised?”

“And why didn’t you do what I told you and stay in the hotel?”

Pissed, she took a step forward that practically put her in his face.

She poked his chest with her index finger, frustration pouring forth. “God, you’re such a man. I tried to get Penny to stay inside the hotel, but she saw those two goons and went outside. I wasn’t going to lock her out. I didn’t know she knew those idiots.”


“Still what? Survival of the fittest? I wasn’t going to leave her alone out there.”

He went silent, eyeballing her with unnerving intensity. If he’d been a stranger she’d have been very afraid of him. Instead she was pissed.

“Your woman, eh?” she said. “What the hell was that all about?”

“Creeps like that need to hear that kind of shit.”

“They could have killed you.”

“Hey.” His voice softened. “It’s all right.”

“No it isn’t—” She choked on her own words. She drew in a harsh breath. “You can’t order me around like one of your military underlings.”

“Yeah.” He said in a clipped tone. “But I’m more familiar with what can happen in situations like this. You’ve got to trust me.”

Her breath came faster as he closed the gap between them. Something primal and raw entered his eyes.

“Don’t order me around like that again,” she said in defense, unable to reason with him or herself why this was so important to say. “I’ve survived things you know nothing about.”

“Oh?” His eyes softened the slightest bit, a hint of compassion. “Have you battled assholes like the one that just tried to hurt you? Who would have done a lot worse if he got a chance?”

“Not exactly. But I won’t accept any man claiming he knows what is better for me than I know myself.”

“If it’ll save your life, I’ll do it again.” His voice was edgy, commanding.

“And Penny is up to something. Did you see how she acted with you?” Cassie’s voice went slightly higher. “Oh, Griff. My hero.”

He grunted, and for a half a moment humor mixed with a hot look in his eyes. “You jealous?”

A hot flush filled her face. She wouldn’t answer that question. “Anything could have happened. All you had was that pea shooter and that creep had an automatic weapon.”

“I wasn’t lying to him. I could have got a shot off and killed him.”

“Do you think I give a damn about that?” On impulse she grabbed the front of his shirt and twisted, half in anger and half in desperation. He must understand.

“Were you worried about me?” His voice went liquid with heat, a husky sound that sent tendrils of arousal spiraling all through her.

Shocked at the sensation, she couldn’t speak.

“Cassie, you may be mad as hell at me.” Griff slipped his hand around the back of her neck. “You can hate my guts. But I’m honest with you. They planned on taking you with them. Do you know how scared shitless I was when I saw that guy lying on top of you?”

Warmth coiled in her loins, the heat threatening to start a fire from the inside out. She was shaking with it. “Griff…”

His mouth came down on hers for one tender, sweet kiss. He whispered against her mouth. “You gotta trust me.”

“Why should I?”

“Why don’t you?” His eyes were blazing now as he drew her against every inch of his incredibly hard body. “What’s eating you up inside? What your ex did to you? I’d die before I ever hurt you, Cassie. I’m not your ex. I’m not those assholes that tried to hurt you. I swear it.”

He kissed her again, and all the emotions inside her exploded into action.

Disaster Movie Junkie and Disaster Novels

Monday, March 23rd, 2015


I’ll admit it. I’m an unrepentant disaster movie junkie. I even like a few of the ones most people hate, and I dislike one in particular that a few other people like. Okay, let me translate that. One fairly popular disaster flick I didn’t like was Deep Impact. I did like Astroid which was a two night mini series on television several years back. I even enjoyed the movie 2012 in a crazy, messed up way. Although I liked Roland Emmerich’s movie where hell freezes over more than 2012 because at least the acting was very good.


I lump disaster movies together with creatures-are-gonna-eat-us type of movies. So I’m looking forward to San Andreas which comes out in May and the new Jurassic Park movie which I think comes out in June. I’m really looking forward to Mad Max: Fury Road.


With that mayhem and disaster, I like writing about those situations myself. I wrote about the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire in Love From The Ashes. I wrote about a super volcano disaster in my recent Wasteland Trilogy books (Ashfall, Darkfall, Winterfall and a companion novella Nightfall. Winterfall and Nightfall aren’t out yet). The Spanish Flu was the disaster in the second book of my Asylum Trilogy (Shadows Rise). A devastating earthquake in Colorado is featured in my firefighter story Meltdown. In Blackout a solar flare knocks out the grid and seriously messes up the world. And I have at least two more stories in the works based on real disasters that I’m working on now. Maybe they should name me “disaster book queen.” No? All right. Well, I tried.