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Horrors! Little Bag of Fears: Vol. 1 Is Out!

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Howdy everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful week. This week I launched my first horror anthology into the atmosphere. Here are the details on where you can find Little House of Fears: Vol. 1. I don’t have a link for Barnes and Noble yet, but will update as soon as I do.

Fear comes for everyone and now it’s your turn…

Dive deep into nine universal fears as they stalk you through a dark hallway where people disappear, a gated community where plants have minds of their own, inside a ghost’s thoughts as they watch hapless paranormal investigators, a serial killer’s trunk where his victim lies dead…or not, a wildfire where an ancient god lurks, a gas station where survival takes extraordinary measures, a writer’s lair where a special spider lives, a haunted house attraction where being a clown has dire consequences, and a snippet of tiny terrors designed to give you a shiver.





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Wild & Crazy: Publishing Updates

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Howdy all! It’s been a long time since I posted to this blog. Primarily because I’ve become so busy with multiple projects it’s a bit scattered. Not complaining at all. Much of my busy is a good thing.

Publishing, if you’ve been in this business long enough, throws punches. Last year I had two publishers close and early this year another closed. I’ll have books at Liquid Silver Publishing, and I plan to self-publish as much as possible. What this means is I have a lot of books waiting in the queue to be released again. Here’s my loose plan.

  1. Publish A Little Bag of Horrors, Volume 1 (Horror Anthology) probably sometime in March.
  2. Publish the Hot Zone series again. Some of the series has been in limbo for almost a year. Not sure of the time line on that, but I’m thinking before summer. I have covers, I need to format the books and they’ll be ready to go.
  3. Publish Wait For Me, a short romance/suspense novelette. I hope to do that before this summer. It’s a new story.
  4. Publish a collection of three short stories that are romance/suspense oriented. The titles have been changed, but these stories were out before. I haven’t done a cover or covers yet. I’m thinking because they’re so short they need to be in one volume.
  5. Publish my Dead Days series. These four novels are set during a zombie apocalypse. They’re told from the first person point of view of the heroine in each story. They’re definitely romances set in an apocalyptic setting.
  6. Publish (again) Dark Deadly Love, For A Roman’s Heart, and Before The Dawn. The great news is that Samhain Publishing is giving me the covers. I’m hoping to publish them by April or May at the latest. These are three huge favorites of mine, so I can’t wait to get them back out there!

I am also working with Happy Catastrophe Productions on more than one television series, and for the first time ever I’m writing a screenplay for a horror movie. It’s also possible it will be a book one day. Wish me luck!

Last but not least I would love to finish my Krakatoa story which I think I started way, way back in 2014 and never finished. GASP! I know. It’s rare for me not to finish a story, but it does happen. Since I love writing historicals, I really want to finish the as-yet-untitled story.

That is all I can think of at the moment, though I feel like I’m forgetting something. No worries! Talk with you again soon!


Book Cover Reveal: Little Bag of Fears: A Horror Anthology

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Coming this spring to a bookstore near you!


Announcing Happy Catastrophe Productions!

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Hey all! Sometimes creative life takes new directions. This quick note is to announce the formation of Happy Catastrophe Productions with writing and producing partners Marie D. Jones and Brian Keith Ellis. Yay! Putting Producer on my resume isn’t something I imagined in my life, but there it is. We don’t have all of our official stuff up yet such as website, business cards and all of that jazz, but that will be in the works. We’ll develop projects for film and television. Right now we’re working on our own projects.

Early last year my creativity took a different direction. Marie optioned Blackout and Love From The Ashes for television and film and that started a new creative movement in my life. I started working on horror and less romance (although I’m not dropping romance all together). Over the years I’ve discovered a few creativity truths for me. Whenever I concentrate on what “feels” right for me to pursue in a writing direction, the more opportunities come my way. So I’m sticking with that formula!

As soon as I have more to announce on Happy Catastrophe Productions, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Laters taters!


2017 Book News & Changes

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Hey everyone! Long time no speak. 🙂 I hope your New Year is already fantastic.

The beginning of a new year brings the promise of dumping the old and starting the new. I rarely make resolutions. If I do, I don’t often write them down. This year I have a major goal. It isn’t writing a certain number of words a week or books a year. It’s continuing some of the things I’ve been working on for several years. At the end of the year, though, I did see some things crystal clear.

One. Make sure I stay on the course of positivity in my professional and personal life.

Two. Continue to write whatever blows my skirt up. Right now that is mostly horror. Sometimes it’ll be romance.

Three. Continue my exciting new ventures with two professionals and friends in the television and movie world, including becoming…drum roll…a producer at a brand new production company. Yep, you heard it here. More on this when I have bigger details to share.

In slightly different news, one of my publishers is going out of business and will be done by January 13. My story Comeuppance (featured in the Nightmares and Echoes III anthology) will be in limbo after that date until I fold it into my own horror anthology. Eclipse and Hostility will go back up on Amazon and other outlets probably by the end of the month. Many thanks to Jennifer Tover and Josh Hilden of Gorillas With Scissors Press for being honest, hard-working, and stand up people. Best of luck to them in all their future adventures.

Okay all! That’s it for today. Until next time, live, love and dream.

Sharing: Working On A TV Series

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Hey all! I thought I’d do a drive by posting and share one simple tidbit I’m working on with the fantabulous (yes I spelled it that way) Marie D. Jones (Producer/Writer at Where’s Lucy? Productions) and Producer/Writer Brian Keith Ellis. Can’t tell you how exiting this is! This is a preliminary poster and things change. So stay tuned for updates!


Horror Literature, Inspiration & Hostility

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Welcome to a new month! Glad to have you here and hope you’re having a fantastic day. My latest horror effort is a story I called Hostility. How did this story come about and what inspired me to write it?  One day I was reading a book on horror writing and they discussed an anthology written in the 1990’s based solely on people’s greatest fears. The editor of the anthology had asked each author to tap into those overwhelming fears to create their stories. I thought this was a great idea.

When I pondered my own fears, I dove deep into psychology. When you think of it, that is difficult for most of us to do. We don’t want to examine fear too closely. I realized, though, that one of my lifelong apprehensions is losing control of my anger. And with that I was off to the races and created Hostility.

Hostility releases on November 11, but you can preorder it now right here. Here’s the blurb to get you started:

Myra Harrington is tired. And sick. And sick and tired. Once a therapist, now a life coach, Myra hasn’t accomplished the goals she set out for herself two years ago when she left the insanity of psychology for coaching. One day she rips off the bandage and lets her hostility roar. Isolated in her office by a severe storm, she discovers a new side of herself. What her anger creates will tear apart her world and she may never get it back again.



You can still get the amazing Nightmares & Echoes III charity anthology and Eclipse, my erotic paranormal romance. Click here to get the details!


Happy Halloween/Samhain Spooktacular Contest!

Monday, October 31st, 2016

Hey everyone! So glad you spent time with me during my favorite month of the year when I celebrate all that is spooky. Well, many of you know I celebrate the spooky all year long. This year I’m showcasing Nightmares and Echoes III, which is a horror anthology. My short story, Comeuppance is in the collection. It’s been fabulous working with Gorilla’s With Scissors Press and being a part of the anthology was a real thrill.

How would you like to win a free ebook? One lucky winner will receive a copy of my romantic suspense Within His Sight (Heart of Justice Book 1) and another commenter will win a copy of Sewn by Olivia Rivard. All you need to do is comment below. I’m giving this contest a week to percolate so even though it’s for Halloween, we’ll pick winners on November 4. So be sure to stop by!!!



Fifty percent of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Not only will you be sampling some awesome horror, but you’ll be helping out a great cause. This anthology is available in ebook and print editions.

Amazon US:
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Sewn by Olivia Rivard

Emily and her father move to a house in the country to get away from the stress of his job and his regular panic attacks. The trouble is that the country doesn’t turn out to be terribly peaceful. 

When Emily finds a peculiar rag doll inside a closet that keeps inexplicably growing in size, everything starts to go in the exact opposite direction of peaceful. The deeper the closet gets, the more Emily loses pieces of her sanity. Both Emily and her father desperately cling to reality as she slowly turns into a doll herself.

This title is in the Kindle Unlimited Program

Amazon US:

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New Horror Story Cover Reveal — Hostility

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

I thought while the Halloween season is upon us I’d share a brand new cover I received for my November 11 release Hostility. I love this cover! Hostility is on preorder right now. You can find it at:


Here’s the blurb to get you started!

Myra Harrington is tired. And sick. And sick and tired. Once a therapist, now a life coach, Myra hasn’t accomplished the goals she set out for herself two years ago when she left the insanity of psychology for coaching. One day she rips off the bandage and lets her hostility roar. Isolated in her office by a severe storm, she discovers a new side of herself. What her anger creates will tear apart her world and she may never get it back again.


Eclipse: Paranormal, New Orleans & Halloween

Friday, October 7th, 2016


Hey everyone! Welcome to the release day for Eclipse, my Halloween novella. I’m rebooting this novel with Gorilla’s With Scissors Press with a new cover! This story is paranormal erotic romance, so if you like some of your scary stories super sexy, this might be one for you! Here’s the blurb and an excerpt to wet your appetite.


New Orleans.


A blood red eclipse will cover this night…

Dawn went to the Den of Wolves, certain she could save her wayward sister from immortality. She knew only one man could help her—Niall Machaire. The man her sister had loved and left ten years ago.

Something isn’t quite right about Niall, but she isn’t certain what it is…

What is he?

Dawn feared the primal, unstoppable craving she experienced for the gorgeous man. When he saves her life, and she awakens naked in his bed, she discovers his help may cost an immortal price


Dawn Chartrier sat in her parked car and held her breath, certain she might walk into the Den of Wolves tonight and meet her death if things didn’t go as planned. Tonight she might discover the mystery of what happened beyond the darkness between death and rebirth.

She looked out at the New Orleans night, with its foggy nuance and mysterious layers that spoke of fatal consequences. She felt the chill down to her marrow. She’d seen costume-clad revelers around the streets, but once she’d arrived at the club, fundamental change brought a deathly hush over the street. Edginess prickled her skin, her stomach uneasy and her heart throbbing a little too fast. Dawn had never experienced a panic attack, but she fought with rising anxiety to keep her heart steady and trembling at bay. She’d always been the brave one in the family, willing to take chances to get things done. Now that she was here, reluctance dogged at her heels.

What insanity lurked around this single street and caused Halloween partygoers to avoid this area? Did the reputation of the club keep them away? Her heart pounded, and fear threatened to smash her resolve. She could start the car and escape.

But her family would never forgive her, even if she forgave herself.

Taking time off from her financial analyst job in Denver hadn’t gone over well with her ‘work-fourteen-hours-a-day’ boss. He’d grudgingly given her a week off when she explained her sister could be in grave danger. The boss from hell might use this trip as a reason to mark her down on her evaluation coming up next month. If so, she’d decided it might be time to start looking for another job, or another career all together.

“Shit.” Cursing came easy to her now—she’d never been a potty mouth, but circumstances and stress made her do things she didn’t think she would.

If she didn’t watch out, she’d follow her sister Maureen’s destructive path. She could still hear her Maureen’s prophetic words when she’d called. Immortality is a bitch.


You can get your copy at: