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Geri Foster and Love Released (World War II Historical Romantic Suspense)

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Today I’m welcoming author Geri Foster and her new leap into historical Romantic Suspense with her first Women of Courage story, Love Released. I want to applaud Geri for writing historical romances that are different! The creativity coach in me is thrilled to see any writer take a step toward writing what really thrills them. Welcome Geri!

Love released final

For all the years I’ve been writing, not once did I consider writing a Historical Romantic Suspense. I’ve always leaned toward danger and suspense, but more in the cotemporary world with spies, special agents and lots of action.

As I continued to write these books, in the back of my mind was a very frightened, weary young woman begging me to tell her story. I ignored her for over a year, with my critique partners, writer friends and even my editor telling me to go for it. I believed that Women of Courage simply wasn’t my kind of story and not what people had come to expect from me.

What would my readers and fans say? Would they cross over? Going from Action Adventure to Historical Romantic Suspense is a wide gap. It was a gamble. What if no one liked that era? Was it too soon to write a post-World War II book?

I would be stepping out of my comfort zone as a writer and I was very leery.

Another thing that frightened me was that this story would be an extremely emotional story of true love and I didn’t know if I was up to that. I would have to write raw, gritty and heartbreaking scenes. That’s so difficult for a writer to settle into. But, the story also had its rewards. There were other touching scenes of tenderness of loving a child, heartwarming reunions, true bonds, and happy ever after.

No longer able to keep the story inside, I set out on this daunting journey with the idea I’d write one book and see how it goes. I learned in the writing world it doesn’t pay to make plans. Every story has a life of its own and Women of Courage would not allow me to stop until the story was finished.

I set the story where I was familiar, my great grandmother’s hometown. My hometown is twelve miles away. So much of the story is set in a fictional place that’s a blend of both places.

My character’s name is Cora and so was my grandmother’s, and that’s just a hint of how much of the story parallels things I’m comfortable with.

I hope you will try this serial. While I’d meant it to be one, maybe two books, it’s grown much larger and even as I write this, it continues to grow.

If you like to immerse yourself into the lives of fascinating characters facing the difficulties of life after the Second World War, people forgiving the past and finding true, deep, abiding love then you’ll enjoy Women of Courage.

* *

She’s running from a past, he’s duty-bound to protect her.

He stands on the other side of sorrow and despair with a love so vast and strong it reaches into her soul and sparks the courage to become the woman she dares.

Cora Williams is an ex-con with no place to go but Gibbs City, Missouri. A small mid-western town where she hopes to remain undisturbed and unobtrusive. With her nephew Jack, her wants are simple, to hide from the horrors of her past.

Sheriff Virgil Carter is a WW2 veteran with demons of his own, but Parker County is his to protect. That includes a young, beautiful woman newly released from prison who longs to be left alone.

Love often comes like sleep, softly, quietly and unexpectedly. You just have to close your eyes and dream.

Geri Foster Bio

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Geri Foster is a multi-genre author with over 15 titles. They include her bestselling Romantic Suspense series Falcon Securities, the Historical Romantic Suspense serial Women of Courage and cute, short, sexy ERoms, Accidental Pleasures. She stays busy continuing her series and consistently coming up with new and exciting stories for her readers.

She’s been writing for years and enjoys hearing from her fans and chatting on her Facebook Groups, Women of Courage Book readers and Smart Women’s Romantic Suspense Readers Group. She’s been a member of RWA for almost twenty years, and belongs to two local chapters.

She enjoys her grandchildren, friends, family, and traveling. Europe is her favorite destination. She always has fun at conferences and can usually be found at the bar.

She lives with her husband and their shy rescue dog, Lola, in the DFW area of Texas.

Links for Book One of Woman Of Courage-Love Released






Celebrating Genres Within Historical Romance

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

While I write in many genres within the romance world, historical holds a special place in my writing heart. Probably because I’ve found particular satisfaction in researching the different worlds within historical romance. As a romance author I’ve seen many attempts to categorize the different sub genres within the romance field. By sub genres I mean Civil War, Regency, you name it. Regency era romances, whether sweet romance or hot, always seems to be extremely popular. Although I’ve loved reading some Regency era romance, I’ve never been too interested in writing it. Maybe because I’m the unintentional rebel. I don’t color outside of the lines when I write romance because I’m doing it to “be” a rebel. I just am. It is in my bones to write about and read about eras that aren’t the soup du jour. Some of the eras and subjects I’ve chosen to write about are a little obscure, but I manage to find information on what I need to know.

Dark Deadly Love centers around the Jack The Ripper murders of 1888 (no the hero isn’t Jack The Ripper), and I loved writing this book.


A challenging book to write, but a satisfying one to create, was my Roman Britain book For A Roman’s Heart set in 167AD Britain. Because I lived in England three years, I loved setting this novel in the same part of England that I lived…East Anglia as it was during 167AD.


For many years I’ve wanted to write a story set during the Blitz of London in 1940. I wrote One London Night and loved every minute of the research and putting it together. I had two beta readers from England willing to read it and they helped me enormously with making sure I didn’t mangle the English accents.


It is hard for me not to make the paranormal a part of some of the historicals I’ve written, and in The Asylum Trilogy (which features one contemporary novel as the third book), I combined 1906 Colorado, the end of World War I, and a contemporary setting into one trilogy. It challenged me a big way, but I have to admit the World War I novel really gave me a workout because I also researched the Spanish Flu that decimated millions.

AsylumTrilogy copy

In Love From The Ashes (2001 EPPIE Winner for Best Historical Romance), I plunged into the world of 1906 San Francisco and the Earthquake and Fire that took the city.


In Before The Dawn I wrote about the early days of the Trans allegheny Railroad and a hero who had been wrongly convicted and sent to Eastern State Penitentiary.


With Meet Me At The Castle I take readers into a paranormal setting in early 1800’s in rural England. This story has a gothic flare to it. I was tipping my hat to the gothics I loved to read in the 70’s as a teenager.


In Forevemore I take readers from contemporary to 1800’s Victorian Scotland via reincarnation. This novel also has a gothic flare.


Currently I’m writing a novel I’ve tentatively called (tongue-in-cheek) That Novel About That Thang which is set right before the enormous Krakatoa explosion in 1883. The story is in Indonesia, and because I know very little about Indonesia during that time period, the research is enormous. But you know what? I love it all. It seems one of the bigger challenges will be to discover a good name for this story, but I figure by the time I’ve finished it I might have a title!

So you can see, my love for historical novels and historical romance set in different situations and time periods is far and wide, and writing historicals has always been and will always be a great love of mine.



Chills & Thrills Book Sale: Get Your Halloween On!

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

This time of year always gets me ready for Halloween. Yep, as many of you know, I’m wild about Halloween for a variety of reasons. Several of my paranormal romance novels are on sale at various outlets including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. Plus I wanted to remind you that October 1 my Halloween Spooktacular starts here on the blog. Here are some of my paranormal novels for your spooky good reading pleasure.



Forevermore is up at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords for 99 cents!


Meet Me At The Castle is available at a variety of outlets, including Amazon and Liquid Silver Books.


Blackout is a combo of paranormal romance mixed with suspense and post apoc. You can find it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

 AsylumTrilogy copy

Last but not least, my Asylum Trilogy Bundle is on mega sale. Three full length paranormal romances for a very low price at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords!

These aren’t all my paranormal romances, but I wanted to highlight these for you. Have a great, spooky reading experience this October my friends.

Meet Me At The Castle Is 20% Off With Pre Order!

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Hey all, Meet Me At The Castle (historical/paranormal romance novella) is up for preorder at Liquid Silver Books. Here’s the great deal. If you order from now until May 12 you’ll get 20% off! Awesome deal, yes? So be sure to click this link and preorder your copy.

Meet Me At The Castle Release Date May 12

Meet Me At The Castle
Release Date May 12

Elizabeth Albright lives a simple life at Penham Manor under the watchful and disapproving eye of her father and stepmother. They think she’s odd for loving to paint Cromar Castle, a ruin on the hill. Even Elizabeth doesn’t understand why she insists on painting the structure over and over. Yet her compulsion demands it—there is something alive and beautiful about the castle that she cannot resist. When she meets the devilishly handsome Damian, more than her interest is piqued, for he engages her like no other has. But her stepmother has plans that will take her away from Cromar—and Damian—forever.



Cover Reveal: Meet Me At The Castle

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Behold what came in my mailbox today! The final rendition of the cover for Meet Me At The Castle, a historical/paranormal novella which releases May 12. I’ll have the blurb for you tomorrow or Monday but in the meantime enjoy this lush cover and dream away!


Meet Me At The Castle Release Date May 12

Meet Me At The Castle
Release Date May 12

Gorgeous Covers Day!

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Okay, this is the blog authors put up when they are lazy! I’m feeling Friday lazy. Many of you have already seen some of my gorgeous covers, but there are some covers that I just absolutely think are wonderful and I thought today I’d share just a few. Enjoy.


 One of my all time favorite covers ever belongs to my Roman Britain historical romance, For A Roman’s Heart.


A stunning more “traditional” looking historical romance cover for Before The Dawn.


Another delicious cover for my 1906 historical Love From The Ashes.


Dark, Deadly Love has the proper scary feel for a historical set during the 1888 Jack The Ripper murders!


Many ladies really like this cover from Major Pleasure!

Those are just a fraction of my covers, but some of the big stand outs for me in conveying the tone of the book and also having visually stunning work.

With that I bid you a happy day and talk to you again soon. :)


Shadows Wait 99 cent sale ongoing until November 19

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Hey everyone. This week has been a learning curve. Shadows Wait (the first story in my Asylum Trilogy) is on sale at Amazon under the Kindle Select Program for 99 cents. This means it is a special promotion and that price is available in the U.S. only. If I was doing a special promo for a self published book that is not on the Kindle Select it looks like I could have a 99 cent sale across the board in other countries as well. I didn’t realize the difference in these sales before I started advertising. My bad. :) Live and learn yes? :) With that in mind, I will have another promo probably at the end of the month or in December of a different book. So keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, if you’re in the U.S. and you’d love a paranormal historical romance set in a spooky asylum, stop by and grab your copy of Shadows Wait here. For all of you who’ve already picked up a copy, thank you so much!

Shadows Wait on Sale November 13 for 99 cents!

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013


Morning everyone! I hope you’re having an excellent week. I’ve got a present for you. :) Shadows Wait, the first book in my Asylum Trilogy, is on sale November 13 to November 19 for 99 cents. That’s a huge discount. The book is full length…this isn’t a short story or a novella. Original price was $4.99. But this sale doesn’t last forever. So if you like historical romance laced with a generous amount of scary/paranormal, I hope you’ll enjoy Shadows Wait. You can find an excerpt here. Shadows Wait is only on Amazon at this time, so stop by here to get your copy!

What is Shadows Wait about?

Asylum I: Shadows Wait

(Paranormal Historical Romance)

1908, Simple, Colorado

Lilly Luna’s mother gave birth to her in an asylum for the mad. Growing up in an insane asylum exposed her to horrors few could imagine, and yet her compassion and ability to heal frightens the broken and the healthy alike. The town fears her. The sane shun her. Her only wish is to exact revenge on the man she blames for her mother’s death.

Morgan Healy’s father runs the creepy and rumor-maligned asylum. Morgan’s lineage is filled with insanity, regularly peppered with the occasionally rational. Morgan holds together his crumbling family, hoping to escape his father’s legacy and the terrible secret it holds. When Lilly is hired as companion for Morgan’s sister, Morgan and Lilly form a reluctant alliance to corral the evil that seeps from Tranquil View and threatens not only the town, but also their growing love.

* *

Last but not least, here’s the trailer! Enjoy.


Asylum I: Shadows Wait Upcoming 81% Discount!

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Howdy all,

Hope you’re having a great day. I wanted to let you know that from November 13 to 19 I’m having a huge discount sale on the first book in my Asylum Trilogy, Shadows Wait. The book is currently at Amazon only and you can find it here. You can find a blurb and excerpt here. Original price for the book is $4.99. Sale price will be 99 cents! How amazing is that? I’ll be promoting the book here on the blog when the sale starts, so I hope you pick up your copy during the sale. :) Thank you.


Serial Short Story: Awakenings

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Morning everyone. Here’s your next installment of Awakenings. Hope you enjoy!

Tranquil View Asylum

Simple, Colorado

June, 1912

His bushy white eyebrows went up, and he stroked his mustache in a nervous gesture he’d performed since she was knee high to a toad.

“Evil?” His voice was tainted with doubt. “Well, I suppose it could be. It’s filled with insane people.”

She wanted to roll her eyes, but decided against making a face. Instead she tilted her head down far enough that the huge brim of her hat shaded her true expression. “Most insane people are not evil, Grandfather.”

He glanced at his pocket watch. He grunted and gestured toward the towering front door. “Let’s go then. Mr. Moynahan is waiting.” He tucked the watch back into his vest pocket. “We’re already late.”

She slipped her gloved hand through the crook of his elbow and allowed him to help her up the steps. After they went through the heavy wooden doors, they stopped in the towering two-story rotunda entry. She glanced upward, entranced by the combination of coldness and beauty. Before she could absorb more of the building’s atmosphere, footsteps echoed from in front of them.

Impressions flew at Edie as a man came toward them from offices in the back. He was a rough-looking man, and over six feet tall. He wore a conventional dark suit, but it couldn’t hide the breadth of his shoulders and his physical strength. She got a sense of raw power and determined personality. Unruly black hair fell in waves around his face and curled around his collar. A short-trimmed mustache and beard didn’t obscure his handsome, even features. He was about thirty years old, perhaps a bit younger. Sharp attraction speared her, and it threw Edie off guard. She’d always maintained a distance from men, and in her twenty-four years hadn’t allowed them to throw off her equilibrium.

“Mr. Jones, Miss Jones?” The man’s voice rumbled deep, a husky, warm sound that sent tingles through her.

Before she could speak, her grandfather stepped forward. “Mr. Moynahan, I’m Benedict Jones. This is my granddaughter, Edie Jones.”

“Very pleased to meet you both.” Cullen Moynahan shook hands with her grandfather, and then with her. His grip on her hand was firm, but not too firm, and a sharp sensation of comfort filled her. She usually shielded herself from other’s emotions, but his cut through her like a blade. Inside him she sensed desperation, concern and—oh.

An instant attraction for her flickered in his eyes, in the way he looked at her. Shocked, she snatched her hand back quickly. Even with gloved hands, she had sensed his heat.

A smile touched his mouth. “I’m pleased you could make it. I can’t thank you enough for coming here to help me.”

Grandfather cleared his throat. “There are some rules Mr. Moynahan.”

“Please, call me Cullen.” Cullen looked at her rather than Grandfather. “I’ll follow whatever rules Miss Jones specifies.”

She liked his attitude and appreciated that he spoke as much to her as to Grandfather.

Grandfather cleared his throat yet again, a nervous habit he’d always had. “My granddaughter won’t be exposed to the … insane. It would be dangerous for her. I’m not even sure why you wanted her here in the first place.”

Cullen shifted on his feet and planted his hands on his hips. Discomfort entered his dark eyes. “My sister once lived here.” He rubbed a hand over his jaw. “She was institutionalized by my mother and father from the time she was ten until the doctors declared her sane a year ago.” He winced as if in physical pain. “She was on the Titanic when it sank last month.”

“Oh, my heavens,” she said. “Was she alone?”

“No. With a man.”

On impulse, she clasped Cullen’s forearm. An impression flew at her, then another and another, pictures that moved so quickly she almost couldn’t keep them in her thoughts long enough for an impression.


Next Installment: Thursday, July 18