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Print Edition! Before The Dawn

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Good morning or afternoon everyone. I’m a bit slow on the uptake, because I meant to do a mini celebration of the print release of my historical romance Before The Dawn on my blog yesterday and it didn’t happen. Anyhoooo…here is a snippet you may not have seen.

* *
A fallen woman must decide to stay down, or rise and fight…

Elijah McKinnon has been found innocent of a heinous murder, but it doesn’t erase the hellish years in prison he endured. He boards the train to Pittsburgh a changed man, certain he will never feel free until he’s wreaked revenge on the brother who ruined his life.

The passenger who catches his eye is intriguing, but he’s seen her kind before. The kind who puts on airs—and looks down on Irishmen. Still, he can’t seem to stop himself from stepping between her and a pack of ruthless cads.

Mary Jane Lawson is grateful for the handsome stranger’s help, but her journey has a higher purpose: to rise above her shattered reputation and declare her independence, come flood or famine. Propriety says she should refuse Elijah’s suggestion they pose as husband and wife—for her own protection, of course. Her practical side says it won’t hurt to pretend, just this once.

Come nightfall, though, their little charade must be carried all the way to shared sleeping quarters, where their vulnerabilities become painfully clear. And when danger past and present threatens, trusting each other becomes a matter of life and death.
* *

Once more he leaned in and kissed her. Brush by brush, he painted his lips over hers in tender strokes that heated fires everywhere. He fisted his hand in her hair and drew her to his chest, his mouth now working hers with a persistent tasting. She eased away with a moan, but his lips still hovered over hers.

“That wasn’t a proper kiss,” he said.

“Of course it was.”

“How many times have you been kissed?”

She licked her lips, and his gaze caught hold of the sight and burned like a touch. She swallowed hard. “Many times.”

He frowned. “Many times? By how many men?”

“By one.”

“How old?”



“To a twenty-year-old woman, it is.”

“That’s interesting.” He kept his voice soft and non-threatening. “So, how old are you now?”


“I’m twenty-six.”


“In five years I’ve lived a lifetime.”

She had no doubt he had, in his own way. “The man was Professor Thaddeus Ricker, a lecturer at the university. He teaches Latin. He was very appealing and handsome, a scholarly man that women respected.” She shuddered. “But they should not have. I should not have.”

“The old man didn’t kiss you properly, and because you didn’t find him attractive, you didn’t enjoy his kiss.”

His brows knitted, and she saw sympathy and understanding there that she did not know if she wanted. Attractive? Oh, yes, she knew how she felt when Elijah stood near, when he looked at her with those hooded, searching-out-every-secret eyes. It was world’s above what she had experienced with Thaddeus. Her professor, once so dear in her young heart, seemed pale imitations of manhood against Elijah’s potent personality.

Before she could answer, his touch slid down to her throat and tested the pulse pounding there. “Sure, and there it is. Heat and madness.”


“Your pulse is quick. The way your breath quickens and your heart picks up speed tells me you like our kisses.”

“I do not want to like it.” She blurted the statement with a petulance that surprised and embarrassed her.

“Whether you want to like it or not isn’t the question. Did you like it?”

She knew she hovered on making a step that once taken could not be erased. “Yes. It was…pleasurable.”

His eyes turned hungry, their intensity building with her answer. “How much pleasure?”

“New. Different.”

He drew in a deep, shivering breath and trembled on the exhalation. “Do you want an honest kiss, Mary Jane?”

She could not voice it, so she did the one thing that would answer. She slipped her hand through thick, black hair at the back of his neck and eased towards him, brought him nearer inch by inch until…

Their lips met.
You can get your copy of Before the Dawn at the these outlets:

Samhain Publishing
Barnes & Noble
Books A Million

Ohh…pretty! My cover for BEFORE THE DAWN

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Receiving a brand new cover from Samhain Publishing is truly a pleasure. A few weeks back I got the cover for my next Samhain release, BEFORE THE DAWN. And boy howdy! Is it gorgeous.  It’s lush, sexy, and touches on the elements of the story in nice detail. And I’ll admit it. I love red. First I’m introducing you to this fantastic cover. In a day or two I’ll have the blurb and excerpt here on the blog. My webmaster is also making a great book page for this novel, too, and I’ll let you know when that is available. In the meantime you can also see the book cover and read a blurb and excerpt at Samhain Publishing. To give you a little tidbit on this story…it is set in Pennsylvania in the 1850’s and the hero is a seriously hot Irishman. Are you ready….drum rolllllll…..

Cover: Before The Dawn

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Before The Dawn Available June 2011

Ah!! At last. The beautiful cover for Before The Dawn is up at Samhain Publishing under my author page

You can also read the blurb. It will be a little time before I have the blurb and excerpt up at this website, but never fear it will be soon. All the major elements of the book are in this story. The adventure the couple take on the railroad…the adventure and danger is a major part of the story. While this is a historical there is definitely a lot of suspense in it, too.

I’ll have an excerpt on the blog soon, so be sure to stay tuned