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Dangerous Love Box Set
Dangerous Love Box Set

Romantic Suspense

January 2022

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Dangerous Love contains previously published novellas Wait For Me and Saved By The Marines.

Wait For Me

They’ll forge a bond to survive their darkest hour…

Executive legal assistant Veronica Henderson didn’t want anything to do with cocky SWAT officer John Mendoza even though the attraction she felt for him all those years ago remains piping hot. Fresh from a sore breakup, she’s called off dating men. John’s interest in Veronica is off the table. A stinging divorce has left him raw, and he won’t take the chance on a serious relationship. Then Veronica awakens trapped in darkness, her thoughts scrambled until she remembers the explosion that ripped apart the courthouse. Is she the only one alive? When John’s world implodes, he awakens in the dark unsure if he’s dead or alive. Until he hears Veronica’s voice and realizes he’s not alone. Their connection could be their only chance of survival.

Saved By The Marine

Explosive danger creates a whirlwind of heat between two strangers…

At forty years old, Candy Cartright isn’t eager to indulge in girlish dreams of ‘happily ever after’ when she attends her friend’s wedding. When she runs into a suit and tie guy at the hotel bar, she thinks he’s a nerdy businessman.

Retired US Marine Mike Compton finds it amusing that Candy at first mistakes him for a nerd. He’s not looking for a hookup, but he can’t resist the challenge in her eyes. When unexpected danger forces them into tight quarters, they discover there’s a hell of lot more to both of them than meets the eye.

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