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Falling for the Hero
Falling for the Hero

A First Responder Anthology

May 26th, 2020

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Falling for the Hero, A First Responder Anthology. Four sizzling love stories about strong women and red-hot heroes. 100% proceeds from the first week will be donated to Gary Sinise First Responder Foundation to support those heroes who rush toward danger and risk their lives to save us even during a dangerous pandemic.

ONE HOT SEAL by NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Anne Marsh SURVIVOR LOST by NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Kimberley Troutte RESCUE ME by Award-winning author, Natasha Moore ALL FIRED UP by Award-winning author, Denise A. Agnew

One Hot Seal by NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Anne Marsh Ex-SEAL Luke Dawson’s new mission in life is fighting fires. When he rescues local bad girl Deelie Olsen from a summer blaze, lust isn’t supposed to be part of the equation. Nor is love—but something about the frank, tough-as-nails woman has him throwing caution to the wind. Getting her in bed may be easy, but getting to know her will be a whole lot harder… and the battle for Deelie’s heart is one fight he has every intention of winning.

Survivor Lost by NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Kimberley Troutte Ex-SEAL and US Coast Guard aviation rescue swimmer Marcus Holt has never lost a victim to the frigid waters of Alaska until a rescue spirals out of control and loses a man he loved like a father. Nicole Manning blows into Sitka demanding answers about her father's accident but isn't prepared for the rough-and-tough USCG swimmer who is determined to take the fall. His strength and big heart tempt her to stay in Sitka, no matter what she finds. Because Marcus is a man in need of a rescue, and Nicole is impossibly tempted to jump in feet first.

Rescue Me by Award-winning author, Natasha Moore Firefighter Joe Waterman isn’t going to let a little thing like a blizzard stop him from getting the hell away from his big empty house until he discovers a small car that has spun off the road with Bonnie Petrowski inside…the woman he can’t have because of a promise he made years ago. Bonnie Petrowski has few regrets, but never owning up to her feelings for her late husband’s best friend is one of them. When Joe rescues her in the blizzard, his attraction for her blazes hot. Done with regrets, Bonnie races toward the flame.

All Fired Up by Award-winning author, Denise A. Agnew Gregory “Viking” Falk left his job in the Marines as an aircraft rescue and firefighting professional to join Tucson Fire and Rescue after his father was killed in a wildfire. Guilt rides Greg hard even as he forges a new life for himself. Hospital public relations specialist Jenny Hannigan speculates the drop-dead gorgeous firefighter is dangerous, but when he saves her life during a tornado, she finds her heart quickly falling for the tough but tender man. When a hostage situation inside a hospital threatens Jenny’s life, Greg and Jenny discover a fierce connection they can’t deny.

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