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The Haven Trilogy
The Haven Trilogy

Military Suspense Romance

Contains all three books in the Haven Trilogy:

Rescued By You, One Chance With You, and Haven With You

April 2017

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Previously published as the Redemption Ridge Trilogy.

A town where romance and danger is around every corner…


When Cecelia's ex crashes into her life, intent on killing her, she has no choice but to save herself. There are no heroes left in her world. Battle-scarred soldier Jake sees her at the mercy of a brutal foe, and has to be the hero she needs. With everything at stake, there's no time for pretense or lies. Unvarnished truth leaves them gasping for breath, and finding one last hope to make everything all right.


What if being who you really are means taking a chance?

Amber MacMillan has survived abuse and misunderstanding over her empathic abilities. Being authentic has set her free, but most men aren't interested in a woman who can sense their feelings.

Jim Clay's time in war left a mental scar-fear of flying. When Amber rescues him with her gentle touch and understanding, he thinks he might defeat his phobia. Then a tornado tears through the airport, bringing them close and kindling passion between them. Now they'll find one chance in each other's arms.


Ten years ago Jilly Warren and Cooper Hawkins shared a night of devastating losses that almost brought them together. Now a new threat brings them together again in a fight for love and survival.

The man staring at Jilly Warren at the courthouse is up to no good and every instinct tells her to run far and fast. Instead she turns to marine reservist and sheriff's deputy Cooper Hawkins. Cooper, who never forgot the comfort of Jilly's embrace, knows that the only place she'll be safe is in his arms.

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