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Swept Away
Swept Away

Historical Romance

October 18th, 2023

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1883 Krakatoa.

A battle for survival.

A chance for love.

A woman with no memory faces an exotic land where natural forces tremble on the brink of destruction…

A man with a shameful past can’t resist protecting a woman with no identity, and no hope of understanding who she is…

Hope Woodall arrives by ship in Batavia, Indonesia with no memories of her past. Injured and weak, she’s forced to the slave auction block. Only an intriguing stranger promises rescue. When he purchases her, she fears the worst.

Dylan Maddocks abhors slavery, but he can’t allow her to step into danger, even if he has to buy her to protect her. Batavia society is against her from the beginning, and there are unpredictable challenges ahead.

Their growing desire can’t be escaped, and they can’t defend against nature’s restless and powerful forces. Soon Krakatoa’s unheeded warnings can no longer be ignored, and Dylan and Hope have nowhere to run.

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