Marie D. Jones, owner of Where's Lucy? Productions, has formally named Denise A. Agnew as a partner in the company. Denise will write and produce original projects with Jones, as well as develop her own material, and assist in finding material by other writers to option and develop.

"The partnership will allow Where's Lucy? Productions to increase its efforts and take a more aggressive stance with two people who are committed to the same outcome," Jones stated. "Denise is the perfect person for this position because we both have such similar passion and vision when it comes to the material we want to put out into the world. Her background as a novelist and her exceptional screenwriting skills, combined with her sharp eye for material and solid gut instinct, is exactly what one can hope for in a partner."

Where's Lucy? Productions, which is named after Jones's cat, Lucy, will be focusing on both television and feature film projects, with an emphasis on high concept stories with strong characters.

For further information, contact Marie at:

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